Pause The Fashion Faux Pas

What you wear is a key aspect in how you are being perceived by others. Opened hems, a miss-buttoned shirt, stained jeans or simply a mismatched outfit. Your choices in clothes can say a lot about who you are. Fashion is of course subjective and geographical. What works in Delhi might not in Bombay or Bangalore. However a few general pointers are always good to know.

Say No to Androgyny: Androgyny is best left for woman. Though by meaning it suggests incorporating strong undertones of the opposite sex in what you’re wearing. However it is best left in the 70’s where it originated. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where a girl in the bar you walk in is wearing the same jumper as you. Remember the FRIENDS scene wear Ross and his date are wearing the same t shirt?

The rule with Jackets and Blazers: Most men wear jackets and blazers which are a size or two bigger than what they should ideally be wearing. Common misconception about this is, it creates the illusion of elongated shoulder length. This is entirely baseless and will only give you the “I am drowning” look. Ensure all your jackets and blazers are a perfect fit.

Checks and Stripes: Checks and stripes are a little dicey when it comes to styling them. Few simple pointers to remember will be never mix two opposite stripes together. For e.g. do not mix horizontal and vertical stripes. Same rule with checks. Do not mix smaller checks and larger ones together. If you are incorporating either a checkered piece or a stripped piece make sure other accents are all solid pieces. Otherwise the entire look will be extremely crowded.

The Jeans Theory: Jeans happens to be everybody’s go-to piece of styling. The simple rule when it comes to jeans is to keep it simple. Avoid distressed jeans, pockets with embroidery or bling designs. Fall back on natural non-embellished ones for the neat look.

Accessorizing: Avoid common accessory bloopers like wearing suspenders and belt together. If you are wearing a tie ensure it just touches the tip of your trouser. Same applies to the length of trousers, it should not spill over your shoes. Lastly do not team bright colored socks with formal wear or sandals.

Paying attention to detail is always a good idea. They might sound like an ordeal but keep these simple rules in mind and forget all about fashion faux pas and awkward fashion moments.

Article By: Smrithi Rao

I love taking photographs, chai, furry animals and fashion without fur. Work as a Computer Science Engineer so clearly with no frills. From being vintage-obsessed to finding the Future chic. I’m here to rescue you from making any fashion faux pas.

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