Narendra Kumar Ahmed’s new linen collection floors LFW 2017

Veteran designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed teamed up with Irish linen brand Burgoyne to craft a menswear collection titled The Millenials. 

Burgoyne, founded in 1912, is armed with a history of creating the finest linen for over a century now, and its fabric is widely used by leading fashion houses across the world. With this collection, designed distinctly keeping in mind a younger audience starting from the age of 18, Narendra Kumar Ahmed, popularly known as  Nari ,played with a colour palette that swung from pop shades of blue, green and purple to more muted maroon and navy. The styling also changed dramatically through the show, with three segments showcasing the different styles a young man would choose to flaunt through his coming-of-age of sorts.

Narendra Kumar Ahmed

To kick off, jungle and safari inspired prints featured with earthy hues of olive green and khaki. Hip-hop was another theme that stood out as bomber and biker jackets made an appearance, as did long line jackets and two-tone shirts teamed with on-fleek jogger pants. Some of the sporty ensembles were seen on female models too, as a successful take on androgyny.

Most surprising for many was the men’s make-up look, created by Donald Simrock. The make-up at all menswear shows so far had been quite muted and natural, but Simrock unleashed his creativity this time by going all out with a pretty boy look. Some of the models sported fresh faces with gelled hair and a surprising addition of red lipstick, that had many people in the audience do a double take.

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Risqué prints featured on the T-shirts paired with pop coloured separates – aqua being one of the colours playing a starring role. Prints made an appearance too, ranging from muted varieties to full-blown florals and butterflies.

Finally, as the show progressed, classic tailoring took over, with well-constructed velvet jackets featuring decadent embellishments and embroidery taking over and glamming up the linens. The decorative pieces ranged from single- to double-breasted jackets with one, two as well as three button closures and double vents, styled in a contemporary manner.

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Designer Dhruv Kapur also made a surprise appearance on the ramp, sporting a well-constructed dark, embroidered velvet jacket that made an impactful 70s style statement paired with sleek trousers, Lennon-esque sunglasses and long, straight locks. Sporting a shorter, more classically tailored version of the jacket was Burgoyne brand ambassador Rahul Khanna, an actor who is better known for being one of India’s better known style icons. Khanna closed the show to raucous applause from his friends and acquaintances who came to support him.

For his bow at the end, Nari walked out sporting a “Millenial” inspired ensemble instead – he paired his signature pastel coloured pants and sneakers (baby pink on this occasion) with a bomber jacket featuring emojis scattered all over the front, and ‘Nari’ emblazoned with eye-catching gold sequins at the back.

Spotting his actor friend Suchitra Pillai in the front row, he swept her up and danced across to the head of the ramp, much to the audience’s delight. The models followed suit, shimmying their way ahead, asking everyone to get up and dance with them.

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