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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 26 Jun, 2018 Share image 2 Shares

Cool breeze, the fragrance of wet earth, the pitter -patter of raindrops, yep, finally the monsoon is here! Rains no doubt are fun for many reasons, but when it comes to staying a top of the fashion game during monsoons, we often bury our head in the sand. No matter how much we enjoy this season, the rains can sneak up on us when we least expect it, making it a tad difficult to always stay trendy when it pours. However, this season you needn’t worry about the mizzle and drizzle taking over, just follow these simple trends mentioned below to keep up with the fashionista in you even when it rains.

What’s a girl’s best friend after diamond, yeah its ‘Leggings’
Monsoon Fashion Checklist: Tips & Trends for rainy season

When traveling in rains cotton pants or denim may not be the best option. Soaked denim or cotton bottoms will weigh you down and make you look like a wet rat! Instead, go for nylon or viscose leggings or jeggings (Jeans + Leggings) that dry off quickly. There are a plethora of stylish options available in the market which can be paired with chic tops and accessories to ensure that the monsoon doesn’t dampen your fashion savvy soul.

While superheroes wear capes, chic superwomen wear ‘Scarves’
Monsoon Fashion Checklist: Tips & Trends for rainy season

Scarves are another must-have when it pours. It can either be attired fashionably with any of your outfits or better still can be used to stylishly keep your hair intact from the onslaught of the rains. A silk or satin scarf works magically to keep your hair from getting drenched in the shower and also will make you look stunning.

Let the rainbow on the ‘Umbrella’ shine

Umbrellas are no more a burden with all the variety of prints available out there; it’s rather a way to make your fashion statement. Pick umbrellas that are flooded with colors. They will make you look lovely under the gloomy rainy sky.

It’s all in the ‘Graphics’ baby

Bold and flashy graphics is not just a summer thing, the prints are here to stay even in the monsoons. A low light day out can become just perfect with some fun graphics. So, lift up the mood and boldly flash the prints.

Rains call for trendy ‘Raincoats’

Who said raincoats are only for kids? You can go splurge in some stylish and eclectic raincoats that are available in the market. Opt for a see-through raincoat to give yourself a peppy fresh look. If see-through raincoats are not your thing, then go for bold colored raincoats that can give out a lively vibe.

‘Shoes’ speak louder than words

Footwear plays an important role in your overall fashion statement. Since leather and suede are a strict no-no in the rains, opt for comfortable and washable footwear. Flip – flops, rain-boots, or sandals. Depending on the occasion you can play around with your choice of footwear to match up your attire. There are many rain-proof footwears as well which can be worn formally. Crocs and ballet pump are also popular options for the monsoons. You can match up your accessories like your umbrella with your footwear. Choose brightly colored footwears and the ones that keep you comfortable throughout the day.

‘Jewelry’ always fits

Your look is never complete without some jewelry. These essential monsoon accessories will add joy to your look. Find a pair of bright, neon acrylic earrings that can match with your umbrella or raincoat. There are infinite options when it comes to essential monsoon accessories. With matching up the jewelry you can also experiment with bright colored bags, neon colored bags, waterproof bags to add glam to your look.

Less is definitely more during monsoons

Keep your makeup minimal during a downpour. Use makeup that is water-proof and keep it light. Eyeliners and heavy mascara will start bleeding or clotting. Stick to matte lipstick and use pastel shades. Remember it is essential to keep your makeup light and water-proof during the monsoon season.

Let your ‘Hair’ do the talking
Keep your hair dry unless you are caught up in a copious downpour. Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy in the season. If you are worried about party look, wash it a day in advance. It always behaves better the next day.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add bright colors and sparkles to your clothes and accessories as they are the perfect antidote to the grey weather. So, go ahead follow our tips and don’t let a downpour dampen your mood this season. And yeah, don’t forget to wear that million-dollar smile, it is an instant fix to looking great always.

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Image credits: Dress Trends, Pinterest,, India Today