Let fashion speak for your loyalty this Cricket World Cup

The 2015 cricket world cup is just around the corner. Are you supporting team India? Or are you a die-hard Aussie Fan? Or do you secretly pitch for West Indies? Whichever team it maybe, flaunt your loyalties using colours. This world cup, dress up in the colours of your favorite teams.

Through colours, you can not only pledge solidarity but also glamorize your World Cup avatar at the stadium or while watching the game at a sports bar with friends.


Bold colours: Each team has a primary colour. For instance, Men in Blue is synonymous with the India team. Similarly Sri Lanka and England also have blue as their primary colours. But it’s a completely different hue of blue that is mixed with accents of yellow and red. For this reason, the first thing you need to do is to identify the primary colour. And then mix this with other complementing colours to get different looks. Wear a blue shirt with cream chinos, or pair green and yellow striped T-shirt with your trusted jeans. Team up maroon pants with a crisp white shirt, layered with a jacket or opt for a red pair of shorts teamed with a dark blue T-shirt, and layered with a white shirt. 


Cricketers Bold Color Dress

Cardigans: Cardigans and cricket go way back. They used to be cricket dressing staple, both on the field by the cricketers and off the field by the fans. This cricketing season, do not forget to stock up on cardigans. Instead of opting for the classic white with blue stripes, buy cardigans in the colours of your favourite teams. Ideally opt for the sleeveless variant else stick to the button down versions of cardigans, as it gives you a lot of styling mileage.

Jerseys: Team jerseys are a must have. You cannot not have them. It is the easiest way to embrace the team you are rooting for. Wear them with jeans, chinos, knee shorts. Wear them as it is or layer them with shirts, T-shirts and, windcheater jackets in solid colours or opt for the transparent version of the same. Invest in a good team jersey that is sold through official channels to ensure authenticity.  

Accessorize: Accessories are the easiest way to amp up your look. Team caps and visors, colourful vests, socks and bow ties that shout support, team pins worn as broaches, wristbands, belts, backpacks and windcheaters are some accessories you could use. Team this with various outfits, mix match and rule your style.

Paint your faces: Finally, the most important and predominant way is to indulge in face paint. Use motifs of the flag, from the team you are supporting as a body art. Make sure you are using colors that are either organic or are safe for use. You definitely do not want a match hangover by the end of a match due to faulty paints.

Article By: Smrithi Rao

Image Credits: www.Pinterest.com, www.worldcricketstore.com, www.sport365.in

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