How To Avoid a Monsoon Fashion Disaster

OK, the good thing is that unlike women, men don’t use the horrible, terrible cake-y make-up that melts into a fashion disaster in humid weather, so that saves them a lot of grace!

Well, and now the Bad - A lot of Men don’t KNOW the difference between a fashion winner and a fashion disaster. But, we’re here to help and we’ll get this right for you.

Case in point, we’re talking about Monsoon and we’d help you know a few fashion disasters and how to avoid them.

1. Avoid Full Length Clothes: Clothes during the rains, should be simple, funky and fun, but never full-length. If you love the pants that sweep the floor, you’re asking for trouble. In a formal setting, choose sleeves which end at the elbow.

wear chinos or shorts instead of jeans in the monsoon

2.Choose Chinos or Half Shorts over Jeans: Jeans get very heavy with water and take ages to dry! It’s best to avoid them and instead take the cotton-route. Opt for linens and bright colored cotton straight pants to wear to work!

3. Avoid wearing white: Any splashes or streaks of dirt will show prominently on your white outfit. Lower body garments should preferably be dark as they get exposed to the slimy water on the roads and may get stained easily.

4. Please say NO to Suede & Leather: Suede shoes are not monsoon-friendly, so ditch those suede loafers and leather shoes, for rubber soled shoes which dry faster!

5. Get a nice Water-Proof Watch: Colors shine in the rain. So, get a water proof watch, and a Water-proof Case-Mate cover for your smartphone this monsoon.

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Article by: Shruti Gupta, Stylist at

Shruti Gupta is a Fashion Post Graduate and a constant lover of Style. She believes in scientific approach towards fashion and currently runs an individual styling firm aimed at making Indian professional men look more awesome than they currently do. She comes with a perspective of practical fashion and hence tries to offer unique fashion advice to unique male personalities.

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