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published time By Smrithi Rao published time 28 Feb, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

The modern man is slowly but surely leaning towards becoming more fashionable. A lot of them like to dress well but are not sure where to begin, since trends are cycling all the time. As a starter guide we have tried to break it down to you in a simpler way.

For starters on the trends this year, begin with bold colors. Yes that’s right colors are going to be big. As soon as color is mentioned men get wary, wondering if this means they have to look like Lego structures. Rest assured you can be as classy as ever with colors. Invest in colors like olive green, burnt orange, shades of blue and purple. You can sober down these colors with whites, blacks and grey for a balanced look. Start with colored trousers and once they begin to feel like a familiar territory move on to imbibe them in the rest of the ensemble. As colors suit the Indian skin tone really well, be ready for some attention on the streets

Prints have wriggled their way in this year. Don’t have to overdo it.Start off with camouflage prints to get a hang of this trend. The easiest way to incorporate them subtly would be through detailing. For example invest in shoes which have some self-prints on them or team plain shoes with printed socks. You could also wear a printed tie on a plain outfit to spice it up a little. If you are ready to experiment then try a nice printed shirt. Having said this please ditch the standard Caribbean coconut tree prints. It is a thing of the past.

On your routine shopping trip, pick up anything with an elbow patch on it. Jackets, cardigans, jumpers or shirts with elbow patches on them should make their way into your wardrobe. They are super smart and we cannot be happier that they are making a comeback in a really big way.

From the world of accessories there are a whole bunch of interesting things to dig from. The man bags are pretty huge this year. Carry prim briefcases or satchels in different shapes and sizes. Invest in some good scarfs, bow ties and really chic fedoras. They are all back in the scene only to spiff up your look.

Most men shy away from wearing something different as they do not want to draw eyeballs on them in a crowd. However this year being adventurous is trending as well. So don’t think twice before getting rid of your wardrobe staples for some fashionables.

Image 1 courtesy - Tie Guys

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Article By: Smrithi Rao

I love taking photographs, chai, furry animals and fashion without fur. Work as a Computer Science Engineer so clearly with no frills. From being vintage-obsessed to finding the Future chic. I’m here to rescue you from making any fashion faux pas.