#unfakeit In Style: Fashion Resolutions For 2015

Do you feel that trends tire you, changing fashion confuses you and all the dos and don’ts leave you in a mess when it comes to personal fashion? This New Year, don’t be a style chaser as we encourage you to embrace originality and find your personal sense of fashion. Push yourself to find your sartorial voice. But why? Because #unfakeit is in vogue and we could not agree more. Begin the brand new year making style resolutions that help you #unfakeit. If you are wondering where to start, let this brief list nudge you in the right direction. 

Trends: Resolve to follow the fashion trends of 2015 only to educate yourself on fashion. But vow to not follow it blindly. Understand, take notes and weigh it in to see if it is practical. See if it fits your sense of personal taste and ask yourself if that particular trend makes you happy. If so, go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and figure out how to incorporate it in your wardrobe. If you are not convinced one hundred percent then take a step back and let it pass. 

Closet Clean Up: How often do you hoard clothes? Suprisingly, most of us are guilty of this habit. The Caribbean print shirt that was supposed to be worn to a single beach party is still hanging at the back of your closet. The trousers that don’t fit you anymore have occupied prime space in your closet, as you hope to fit into it one day. And don't forget the overload of accessories that have never seen light. This New Year, snap out of the hoarding habit and spring-clean your wardrobe ruthless once in three months. It's the only way to rejuvenate. 

Build a Capsule Wardrobe: Diversify your style and explore your styling capabilities by building a capsule wardrobe. While doing so, make sure to be free of any external pressure from the changing trends. Understand your needs and start building your wardrobe with the right kind of basics. Then, add a bunch of statement pieces and invest in key accessories that speak your style language. Now mix and match all these elements to create outfits based on occasions. You will most certainly stand out for your originality.  

Try Something New: Do not be afraid to try new styles and combinations. It does not have to be a new trend, just something new. Things you have not tried before. Experimenting is how you can expand your style, and it pushes your styling capabilities to evolve. Pick a new tie in a pattern you have never tried before. Embrace colours that you were previously shy about. Buy a jacket in a brand new style. These exercises will force you to come up with new styling ways. You might fail initially, but eventually this will help you discover your sense of personal style.  

Article By: Smrithi Rao

Image courtesy: Pinterest, menstylepower.com

Along with Vintage Obsession, where most of her encounters are documented, Smirthi Rao likes to dress well, make things with her hands, travel, eat good food and click almost everything. Discovering and sharing new projects and ideas, narrating tales about Fashion, Food, Lifestyle,Travel and Design also happens to be one of her obsessions.

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