Ditch the White, embrace new fashion for your Holi party

Now that Holi is around the corner, are you screaming in excitement already? If not let’s get this started. Well, we won’t tell what colours to buy, where to party or how to douse everyone you know in colours. But what we will tell you to do is how to get decked up for your Holi party and play it in style. Since we are already on the let’s preach page, ditch the whites this Holi is what we also tell you. So what else then, you ask? Follow the lead, and you are sorted.

Men in Black: What is anti-white? Black, of course! Get your Holi game on in an all-black outfit. Wear black pair of cotton slacks, team with a V-neck T-shirt. Accessorize it with colourful slippers, watch and tinted sunglasses. You can add a visor cap to complete the look.

Pastel Colours: Pastel clothes are a brilliant substitute. Wear a pastel shirt with a knee length tailored shorts in a solid colour. Ask your friends to throw colour and make art with your clothes. See what becomes of it by the end of the Holi party. Either wear or your sneakers or your open feet leather slip on sandals.

Fusion is IN: Holi ensemble and white kurtas have become synonyms with each other. Let’s change it this Holi! Embrace your Indian sensibilities but let’s give it a twist. Drape a Patiala style pajama; team it with a short kurta or a T-shirt. Accessorize this look with your sleek pair of sunglasses and Kholapuri sandals.

Print on Print: Don’t wait for the Holi party to start a riot on your clothes. Team prints with patterns to make a statement. While doing so, pick one loud print and one subtle print. For example, wear a self-print shirt with a kaleidoscope pattern trouser. Or vice-versa, but do not pair more than two prints together, as a rule.

Lastly if you still want to introduce a little bit of white in the name of Holi. Go the sailor way. Wear a striped shirt or a T-shirt as per your convenience. Team this with a pair of white trousers. A jersey pair might be a good idea if you intend to get more use out of it, as it is easy to wash the colours of it.  

Remember not to wear expensive clothes to these parties. Unless, the intention is to keep away from colours, which we doubt will happen. However, if you are attending a Holi party be prepared to get your clothes soiled. After all, it is a party, live a little go out and make a splash.

Image Credits: pinterest, pangeamuse.blogspot.com

Article By: Smrithi Rao

Along with Vintage Obsession, where most of her encounters are documented, Smrithi Rao likes to dress well, make things with her hands, travel, eat good food and click almost everything. Discovering and sharing new projects and ideas, narrating tales about Fashion, Food, Lifestyle,Travel and Design also happens to be one of her obsessions.

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