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As you can expect, it’s the cultural centre of the country, India, making it the most vibrant destination for party-goers. The dance music scene here is thriving, with both underground clubs and mainstream parties. International DJs fly here specifically to play. Quickly establishing itself as a dance hub, Mumbai is perhaps the best Asian destination for this style.

As you can guess, this reputation has birthed plenty of phenomenal DJs. In fact, most of India’s top DJs have a residency here, or play regularly. Whether it’s the traditional sounds of Bollywood or the new sounds of EDM and international house, there’s something for everyone. So, who exactly is the best DJ in Mumbai? Let’s take a look.

1. DJ Akhil Talreja

DJ Akhil Talreja - Top DJs in Mumbai

Indian dance music is heavily focused around remixes. Taking an established song, and putting a huge beat behind it is a tried-and-tested route to success. Akhil Talreja takes full advantage of this with hit after hit of commercial remixes. His remixes featured prominently in eight Bollywood movies, with plenty more on the way. His biggest breakthrough, however, came with ‘Tenu Le Ke Jaana’, his wildly popular hit. It took the entire country by storm, and picked up some international recognition. Talreja is a serious talent in Mumbai, and indeed the world dance community. 

2. DJ A. Sen

A. Sen is a young DJ and producer quickly making a huge name for himself. Flying up the charts and leap-frogging respected DJs, A.Sen is a sensation, in every sense of the word. His prolific activity in the studio has seen him release more than ten albums in the space of a few years. Add that to a large catalogue of high-profile remixes, and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. He has recently signed with a prestigious dance label in the UK, and landed a top 100 hit in the Beatport chart. This DJ is poised for international acclaim.

3. DJ Suketu Radia

DJ Suketu Radia - Top DJs in Mumbai

Every dance music fan in India has heard of Suketu Radia. He has been a firm feature of the industry for more than 15 years. It was his influential work that helped bring the dance music underground to the mainstream. His first remix album topped the charts across the country and spawned a number of hits. Whilst this is a common way to break a new DJ in 2016, it was unheard of 15 years ago. A true pioneer, Suketu now spends his time composing and remixing tracks for Bollywood movie smashes. 

4. DJ Dev 

The Boy Wonder has taken the enormous, monster sounds of international EDM and made them his own. Moving away from traditional Bhangra and Bollywood sounds, DJ Dev is responsible for the new wave of dance in India. Bringing established sounds to India, he is exciting an entire new generation with beats and dance music. He has recently broken out of the country’s borders, playing across Asia. His podcast, Club Culture, is the second most popular podcast in the country. And, he has just released a documentary with the same name. 

5. DJ Ravish

Like many Indian DJs, he made his name with popular Bollywood remixes. However, he didn’t stop there. The young DJ has recently toured Asia and Europe, appearing in some of the best venues. Ravish was voted in the top 10 Bollywood DJs of all time, and is still building on that reputation. 

6. UD & Jowin

In just a short span of 18 months, U.D. & Jowin have established themselves as two of India’s most exciting DJs. Very few Mumbai producers have enjoyed such a quick rise to fame. Thanks to the enormous popularity of dance music, U.D. & Jowin have been able to rise through the ranks. They are purists at heart, and show passion for every aspect of dance music. Their particular blend incorporates house, Bollywood, and drum and bass. The duo have recently gained airplay in the USA, something few DJs achieve in their entire career!

7. Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda is one of a new generation of female DJs that is smashing the club scene. A model, singer, and actress, Manchanda has taken the dance world by storm. She’s no stranger to the music world, topping the charts for more than two months with Na jaane kahan se aya hai. She’s also a very successful Bollywood actress. Now turning her talents to DJing, she is quickly making a reputation for herself. 

8. Sound Avtar

Sound Avtar is a regular on the club circuit in Mumbai, and a respected DJ in his own right. He’s unique in the Indian dance world, by experimenting with drum and bass and dubstep sounds. This is relatively untouched territory, but Sound Avtar has established this sound in Indian culture. In the studio, he is innovative and creative, using cutting-edge techniques. Recently, he landed a top 30 position in the Beatport dubstep chart, a huge achievement for an Indian DJ. 

9. Megha Kawale

Megha Kawale is known as India’s first female DJ, and she has laid the path for hundreds of others. There is now an enormous community of female Indian DJs, and it all started with Kawale. She started her career as a model, landing a spot in India’s 100 most beautiful women. It wasn’t long before she took to the decks, and shook up India’s gender stereotypes. She has since taken her blend of house music to London, Spain, San Francisco, and the home of house, Chicago. She is a true icon in Indian dance music history. 

10. DJ Aqeel

Aqeel is one of the oldest and most respected DJs in India. He helped bring dance music to the Indian masses. And he remains one of the only DJs to sell out concert venues internationally. Every Indian reveler has been to a ‘Hype’ nightclub, a franchise that is owned by Aqeel. These underground clubs are found across the country, with the flagship club in Mumbai. Aqeel has shaped dance music culture in India for nearly two decades, and looks set to continue!

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