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Hyderabad is a cultural hub in the southern tip of India. The cultural legacy runs through the history of this city, and underground dance music has slowly grown. 

Hyderabad hosts some of India’s biggest dance and music festivals. While the city itself is known for its students, who love to explore the Hyderabad nightlife and parties. We also know that India is seeing a strong surge of underground and mainstream DJs. The modern sounds of EDM fused with traditional Bollywood sounds have created a truly unique community. But, who’s doing it best in the city of Hyderabad?

1. DJ Prithvi

DJ Prithvi - Top DJs in Hyderabad

Prithvi is one of the youngest DJs on the circuit, still only 16! Finding himself at the number one spot at such a young age is a sure sign of things to come. He’s been spinning records since he was just 10, and released his first ever album at 13. It’s certainly an impressive resume for such a young DJ. He put himself on the map when he played for more than 3 hours at the age of 10. At the time, it was a world record for someone his age. He is now one of Bollywood’s go-to remixers, and his music is featured in multiple films.

2. DJ Zamaika

In contrast to Prithvi, Zamaika, or DJ Jam, is a veteran of the Indian dance scene. He first took to the decks back in 1991, and hasn’t stopped the music since. Along the way, he has played major concert venues in and out of India. But, he still loves the vibe of a small house party. A versatile and experienced DJ, he now props up a residency at DC8090, spinning retro sets. These sets are also broadcast on the popular radio station, Kaos Caribou.

3. DJ Naik

Naik, also known as the Mixing Guru, has been in the game for more than five years. During that time, he has established himself as a driving force behind India’s dance community. He is a Pioneer-certified Pro DJ, and a nod from the world’s biggest decks company is no small accolade. As for Naik himself, he’s an all-round entrepreneur. Alongside his prolific DJ work, he’s a successful event manager and recruiting manager. This guy’s ambitious, and we can expect him to rise quickly!

4. DJ Ashes

DJ Ashes - Top DJs in Hyderabad

Ashes is part of a new wave of female DJs that are taking India by storm. She was recently voted the best female DJ in the region by TCE, and this is just the start for Ashes. With an obsession for deep, tech, and techno styles, she is quickly establishing herself ahead of the rest. For Ashes, music is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. “It’s essential for life!”. It won’t be long before Ashes takes her beats beyond Hyderabad, and into the Indian mainstream.

5. DJ Rohanraj

Rohanraj is a relative newcomer to the game, with just a small catalogue of music online. Despite the mysterious online presence, the DJ is quickly building up excitement. His original tracks show a skill and creativity in the studio, and point towards a more European, techno style. As for DJing, he’s become a regular in the Hyderabad circuit, spinning records in some of the city’s top clubs. Keep an eye out for what’s next from Rohanraj.

6. DJ Adi

Adi is not just a DJ, but a technical wizard in the studio. His tracks have their roots in rock music, with a raw, beast-like quality to them. That gives them energy and life in a genre full of highly polished music. That’s where the similarity to rock music ends, however. And you’ll soon lose yourself in four-to-the-floor beats, and that melodic Indian sound. A spot in the MTV Ultimate DJ Championship briefly put him in the top 6 DJs in the country. Since then, he has graced Hyderabad nightclubs in residencies and guest spots. 

7. DJ Venu

This relatively young DJ has become a regular in Hyderabad’s best underground clubs. Determined to bring the sounds of hip-hop and house into the city’s mainstream, he is passionate about music. Venu is still finding his feet in the crowded world of DJing, but don’t expect him to stay underground for much longer. He is a modern, progressive DJ, keen to introduce new sounds into Indian dance. Is it time for India to embrace the larger, international dance sounds?

8. DJ Sowmyabala

Sowmyabala has a strong experience in club land, sharing the decks with icons in the Indian dance community. She was the former resident DJ at Poison/360 Hyd, playing in front of enormous audiences every night. She’s a purist DJ, taking the audience on a journey throughout her set. Rather than looking for the biggest drops, she guides the crowd through an uplifting, grooving set of house beats. She has built her reputation on the subtle genres of ambient and electronica.

9. DJ Zain Sabri

This DJ has long been considered one of the best in Hyderabad. Making his start in private parties and events, he soon moved to the underground clubs. He is a significant figure in the underground community here, and he knows how to read the crowd. A technically proficient DJ, with a wealth of music knowledge. 

10. DJ Emraan

Emraan was one of the very first DJs in India to put together a production or DJ group. It has now become a regular trend, but Emraan put things in motion. Now the leader of DJ Emraan group, the crew has played on some huge stages. From The Den to the Rainbow Club to Heaven, they are respected regulars on the circuit. Not only that, but DJ Emraan hosts his very own stage at the BB music festival, Bombayland. If that weren’t enough, this DJ is also a qualified doctor! 

Hyderabad is fast becoming one of the most important cities in India for underground dance. And these are the rising talents. Keep your eyes on them!

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