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New Delhi is the cultural centre of the country. So, it’s no surprise to see some of the biggest DJs and clubs in the country here. In fact, when you look at India’s dance music scene, most of the top producers and DJs reside here. That makes counting down the top ten a tricky task! But, we’ve sorted through the top record spinners in the region and narrowed it down.

How exactly do we choose the top ten? Well, it all comes down to the core skills of a DJ. No. 1: the ability to read a crowd and keep them dancing all night. No. 2: their skill and creativity in the studio. And No. 3: their popularity and fan base. When you find a DJ that masters all three, it’s a golden formula! Let’s take a look at the top ten DJs in New Delhi.

1. DJ Nyk

DJ NYK Top Delhi DJ

DJ Nyk isn’t just the best DJ in New Delhi, he’s the best DJ in the country. In global ratings, the DJ sits just outside the top 100 on the planet. Nyk is the undisputed champion when it comes to New Delhi and India. He made his name as a producer, with critics calling him the King of Remixes. Since then, he has broken out of India and toured the world. It’s something that few Indian DJs have achieved, and that puts him in a rare position. As for his music, his breakout smash Chammak Challo was recently featured on a Playstation game.

2. DJ Ryk

Not to be confused with Nyk, Ryk is another rising star in India’s DJ circuit. He is also considered one of the best DJs in India, and has begun to tour internationally. He had a very organic rise to fame, getting his start by mixing at house parties and small events. It wasn’t long before he was producing his own remixes, and making a name for himself. His music is a simple combination of Bollywood sounds, and big-room electronica. It’s a formula that has proven very popular in India, and Ryk is the master of it.

3. Progressive Brothers

Progressive Brothers - Best DJ in Delhi

Progressive Brothers are probably India’s most forward-thinking and modern DJs. They have embraced the international sounds of EDM and Dutch house. Pulling away from the traditional Indian sounds, they are joining the global phenomenon of house music. This was fully realised when they released their track Veda on a sub-label of Black Hole Recordings (owned by Tiesto). They have also taken their live show to the next level. Clearly inspired by the biggest US DJs, their live sets are visually stunning and exciting. At this rate, they could be the first Indian dance act to truly break globally.

4. Khushi Soni

Khushi Soni is a DJ with more than eight years of experience under his belt. This landed him the coveted support slot for both Tiesto and LMFAO when the EDM giants toured India. Not only that, but his first international release found itself at number four on the Beatport chart, among some of the biggest names in dance. He is yet another Indian DJ on the verge of breaking out on a global scale. He also has another passion: food! Khushi owns a huge pan-Asian restaurant in the city.

5. DJ Arjun Vagale

Vagale is perhaps India’s most travelled DJ, gracing stages in over 100 cities in the last two years. He spends much of his time in Berlin, building his reputation in Europe as well as India. Recently, he was voted India’s best DJ in the coveted DJ Mag India poll. That might have something to do with his recent tour where he played with The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim. His production chops aren’t bad either. His latest single was spun by house legend Carl Cox during this year’s Ibiza season.

6. DJ Bonzax

This is another incredibly young and talented producer, blasting out remixes, mashups, and original tracks. His prolific pace in the studio put his name on the map. A recent remix of Maroon 5’s ‘Maps’ was recently picked up by America’s enormous ‘EDM Network’. It quickly racked up tens of thousands of plays online, shining a light on this Indian newcomer.

7. Midival Punditz

This duo started out hosting huge parties in Delhi. This organic growth fueled a ‘cult-like’ status, and interest in the boys grew quickly. Their music pushes back against the traditional Bollywood genre, and moves to a more international sound. This tactic paid off, and they became the first Indian dance act to land an international album deal.

8. Sumit Sethi

Sumit Sethi is perhaps the most hard working DJ in India. Playing more than 300 shows in the last year, he has toured relentlessly. He’s also one of the most famous DJs in India, with a celebrity cult status. His best work, however, is done in the studio. He recently wrote the official theme song of Transporter 4, and is a regular composer for films. Sumit Sethi has played at some of India’s biggest events, including the Commonwealth Games. 

9. Himanshu Bhushal

Himanshu Bhushal is another Indian producer and DJ embracing the international big-room sounds. Inspired by the giants of EDM like Guetta and Martin Garrix, he has already landed on the Beatport chart. It’s a sign of the broader direction for Indian dance music, as the genre grows and expands beyond traditional sounds. 

10. Gouri

Gouri is, quite simply, the best female DJ in India. Making a serious impact in nightclubs across New Delhi, her beats are infectious. Her self-proclaimed charm, style, class, and spontaneity behind the decks has seen her popularity rise. She is the first female DJ to break out of India and perform internationally, and you can expect more to come! As for her sound, it’s deep, commercial, and electro house, inspired by the likes of Calvin Harris.

New Delhi is setting the pace when it comes to Indian dance music. It is breaking the traditional barriers, and producing more international artists than any other area of India. It’s a true sign of things to come. 

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