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Bangalore has a reputation as one of India’s best underground dance regions. It’s home to some of the biggest and best clubs in the country, not to mention several hundred private parties every year. Bangalore has produced many of India’s top DJs, and the underground community is close-knit.

The scene is home to some veteran names in Indian dance culture. But, don’t ignore some of the brightest and best young DJs on the circuit. Bangalore is inspiring many of the finest new producers, thanks to its unique community of revelers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest names coming out of the Bangalore region.

1. Thermal Projekt

Thermal Projekt - Best DJ in Bangalore

Thermal Projekt is the biggest name in Bangalore dance music. Period. Not only are they renowned in their home region, but they are also among the most respected DJs in the country. In fact, they’re known as India’s best producer duo. They are Shuvro Talukder (24) and Anurag Sen (25), and they are quickly establishing themselves in Indian dance music. They are best known for their wildly popular mashups and remixes that have dominated club culture in India. Highly influenced by their home region of Bangalore, they have played with some of the biggest names in music. Most recently, they soundtracked the official anthem for Bangalore Fashion Week.

2. DJ Ivan

DJ Ivan Top DJs in Bangalore

DJ Ivan is often referred to as a pioneer of Indian house music. It’s a bold claim, but he certainly lives up to the hype. While Thermal Projekt is a duo of exciting newcomers, DJ Ivan is the respected veteran. He got his start in the clubs and parties of Bangalore, most notably Midnight Express and Time & Again. It wasn’t long before he broke out of the local region, and playing gigs in Dubai and Europe. The highlight in DJ Ivan’s colourful career is playing alongside dance music legends like Paul Van Dyke, Sasha, and Steve Lawler. A true Indian dance music icon.

3. DJ Kohra

Some DJs obsess over the hard, pounding beats, and massive synth sounds. That’s the commercial sound that is penetrating India and the international mainstream. Khora, however, has chosen a different path. Specialising in deep, hypnotic, and grungy sounds, Kohra’s music has been described as mysterious, intelligent, and mesmerizing. It certainly builds on the EDM sounds that work together to create dense soundscapes. This unique approach to production has scored him a top 10 hit on Beatport, the premier international chart for dance music.

4. DJ Vinayaka

Vinayaka brings a certain spirituality to his music that is rare among many modern DJs. His interviews and biographies allude to Buddhist teachings, and you can hear it in his music. Layered, floating melodies sit on top of tight beats, and deep basslines. Like Kohra, Vinayaka breathes fresh life into the mainstream sounds of EDM. It’s a refreshing change, and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

5. DJ Zutopian

Zutopian is familiar with the technical side of music production and equipment, which feeds into his music. By day, he is a techie, designing software systems and learning the intricate processes behind music production. By night, he takes to the decks, and brings happiness to hundreds of dance music lovers. He prides himself on taking his audience on a journey, relishing in euphoric builds and breathtaking drops. His eclectic music taste has seen him play in metal bands, and he’s no stranger to new sounds and ideas.

6. DJ Kay Mikado

Kay Mikado’s career took off when he opened his own nightclub in Bangalore, The Beach. It has since become the hottest destination for underground dance music in the region. He learned the trade through residencies at some of Bangalore and Delhi’s most respected nightclubs. Now, he is set to put his own club on the map. He is also building a small entertainment empire in Bangalore with restaurants, hotels, and spas. As a producer, his output is prolific, releasing more than 50 songs in the last four years. Moving away from the traditional Indian sounds, his music is much more inline with international house.

7. DJ Arlene Maria Gomez

It’s refreshing to see a female DJ in this list, and Arlene is right up among the best. India has a thriving community of female DJs, lead by the phenomenal DJ Shireen. But Bangalore’s own pioneer is Arlene Maria Gomez. Also known as the queen of experimental dance, she was Bangalore’s first female DJ. She is best known for unearthing the best new tracks, and experimenting with genres. You’ll hear everything from progressive to minimal to electro house in her sets.

8. DJ Vishu

DJ Vishnu has been a firm figure in the Indian dance music scene for over twelve years. Mentored by the international DJ, Suketu, Vishnu is one of the most experienced DJs in the country. After spending four years in Mumbai, he moved to Bangalore and graced the dance music circuit. After playing some of the biggest venues in the region, he settled at Taika as resident DJ. His sounds lean more to the hip-hop genre than dance, but he knows how to work a crowd.

9. DJ Vilas

Vilas is still at the beginning of his career as a DJ. He’s starting to make a huge name for himself in Bangalore as resident DJ at the renowned F-Bar and Kitchen. As well as his brilliant history in Bangalore’s underground scene, he is beginning to establish himself as a producer. Getting busy in the studio, he plans some major releases in 2016. Expect this ambitious DJ to break out of the Bangalore region within the next two years.

10. DJ Swing

Trained by the legendary Carl Cox, this DJ has a fantastic experience in dance music. He is perhaps best known for his Guinness World Record; playing 55 hours straight at an event in Delhi. Since then, he has set up his own DJ school in Bangalore, bringing international dance music to excited new students.

Bangalore is making a huge name for itself at the heart of India’s dance culture. More than a few breakout names have appeared, and we expect many more to follow.

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