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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 17 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

The dance music scene in India has exploded over the last several years with India becoming a stop on the international touring circuit and homegrown talent shining bright. From all of India’s impressive DJs, the one who has attracted maximum attention is the superstar Nucleya. He is regarded as the undisputed king of Bass music and a pioneer of the Indian electronic music scene in almost every sense. Nucleya’s high energy, high intensity music leaps out to you – it is for everyone who loves beats. His music is so unique and unprecedented, that listening to it is an experience in itself.

Who is Nucleya?
From his humble beginnings as an organiser-promoter-DJ for local events to farmhouse gigs in Ahmedabad in the early 2000s, Nucleya has come a long way. Nucleya, whose real name is Udyan Sagar, first emerged on the music scene as one half of the ‘Bandish Projekt’ in 1998. After splitting from Bandish Projekt, Udyan was close to giving up his floundering career as a solo music producer. However, his passion and belief kept him going and led him to his Signature Expression. He released his debut album as Nucleya in 2008 titled ‘Pragat Pritam.’

Behind the Scenes: Nucleya's Signature Expressions

hat made Nucleya a name to be reckoned with in the field was his Koocha Monster EP in 2013 – which has been described as a “a rickshaw ride of break-neck bumps and a crazy infliction of galli (street) sounds from along the way” by VH1. The EP combined South Indian folk beats with his signature bass-heavy sound. The cherry on the cake was a collaboration with Tamil folk singer Chinnaponnu on the track “Bell Gadi,” which incorporated South Indian street dance or tappankoothu beats. 

What is Nucleya’s music all about?

Nucleya’s unique musical identity comes from his ability to magically bend and blend genres – his trademark style combines powerful EDM with traditional Indian music and sounds for a beautiful ‘global meets local’ outcome. Taking his unique sounds to the big global stage, Nucleya has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including Glastonbury (UK), the Electron Festival(Switzerland), Electric Daisy Carnival (Mexico) and a North American Tour. When the international names from the genre tour India (Major Lazer, Skrillex, Diplo and Flux Pavilion to name a few), Nucleya has opened for them with panache. Nucleya has grown from strength to strength, launched his records at a Ganpati visrajan and a stadium – there is no stopping him.

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In a recent interview, Nucleya predicted that the Hindi film industry is at the cusp of embracing 'cool and edgy stuff'. "Bollywood is still big, and it's difficult to go beyond that, but if we play the game correctly, we will at least get a chance to battle it at some point over the next five years." This showdown, according to him, will not only take place in music, but also independent cinema. "The future is super bright. It is not just about Western music entering India, but it's now about home-grown talent. Which is why I can confidently say that things are going to change very soon."

What makes him India’s top DJ?
Recently, DJ Mag recently released a list of Top 100 renowned DJs who have managed to garner worldwide fame and success. Nucleya was the Only Indian DJ to make it to the list, featuring in the #110 spot. This is a slight disappointment compared to his last year’s ranking (which was #102) but still something to be extremely proud of.

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Cheers to this man who is redefining music as we know it. May we continue to dance to his beats forever more. encourages you to drink responsibly

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