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published time By Liveinstyle published time 30 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Regular readers will know that here, at LiveInStyle, we are big fans of electronic dance music. In fact, we love EDM so much that we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the genre. We go to events and festivals; we listen to it in our spare time; we write amazing articles afterwards! But, we are also aware that not every reader is as experienced in the ways of EDM as we are, which is why we have come up with this post. For all those EDM rookies out there looking to hit their first festival this year or next, here are our tips on how to survive and have the time of your life.

You can trust us – we are professionals!


Be Adventurous

Okay, there is always one artist that you want to see perform, usually because you want to see them perform a certain song. And, there is nothing wrong with that in our eyes. Everyone goes to a festival because of the bands and the music that are playing. Still, no one wants to be a one-trick pony. EDM festivals are all about discovering new things, like the artists that you never knew existed before. Don’t be afraid to visit different stages and tents and check out the overall vibe. You never know, you may come across a diamond in the rough that will make the experience ten times better!


Do Some Research

Just because you have never been to an EDM festival before doesn’t mean you have to stand out like a sore thumb. All it takes is a bit of research and some prior thought before you rip up the festival. What music do you like within the genre? Who do you want to see? Is there anyone who looks like they could be worth watching? The more you check out the festival beforehand, the more enjoyable it will be during the event.


Don’t Go Overboard

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room – there is going to be plenty of alcohol and drugs. An EDM festival, in fact every festival, is like that if we are truthful. And, you might want to partake in some extracurricular activities, which is fine. But, please don’t go over the top. Too much fun is dangerous and will only make the experience much worse. There are countless tales of festival goers who tasted the good life and had to visit the emergency room. We encourage you to Party Responsibly!


Drink Plenty Of Water

Festivals are strange events. You spend the majority of the time walking around in the sun drinking a lot of alcohol in the process. Normally, that would set off alarm bells in our heads. At an EDM festival, however it is part of the experience. Dehydration is not a nice experience, especially when you have to spend the day recovering in a glorified piece of plastic. Always keep a bottle of water handy just in case you feel the booze and the heat gets too much. Most EDM festivals hand out free bottles of water for this exact reason, so be on the lookout.


Consider Earplugs

Depending on the type of music, EDM can be loud. At times, it can feel like the DJ is trying to perforate your eardrums on purpose, and that is not an over exaggeration. And, it is not like you can ask the festival organizer to turn down the music! No, you need a backup plan. Our favorite backup plan is earplugs. They don’t completely drown out the music, which is perfect because you want to hear the set. But, they take the edge off so your ears don’t feel the full force. After the festival, you will thank God that you did take earplugs, even if they do look a little out of place.


Take Food And Drink With You

In our experience, food and drink back at the campsite can be a lifesaver. Food is especially good for the soul because you spend the weekend drinking and not eating. When you wake up, it is much better to be able to reach into your bag and pull out an energy bar to recharge the batteries. Plus, taking food and drink is good for the bank balance. EDM festivals tend to be expensive, so you might want to cut down the costs. All you need to do is take a selection of liquor and mixers and make cocktails around the campfire. Look at our Cocktail-Directory for concocting that perfect drink.


Pack Light

You are only going for a couple of days, so there is no need to take your whole wardrobe! The key is to pack light but also to take essential items. Yes, the forecast might be good, yet the weather can change in an instance. For that reason, it is always good to take waterproof clothing just in case. A sweater is always a good idea too, because the temperature can drop at night time.



Be On The Lookout

As the music is so loud and everyone is having a great time, things can escalate. One of your senses – hearing – is already limited, so it is important to be alert. Arms, elbows and bodies can come out of nowhere and cause a bit of damage! So be extra cautious!


Have Fun!

The reason you are going in the first place is to enjoy the festival. Don’t get caught up in trying to plan the perfect event that you lose sight of that goal. You are surrounded by good music, a great atmosphere and people whom you love, so put on your best positive attitude and rave until the sun starts to rise.


An EDM festival is a great experience and one that we know you will love. Visit our EDM page to know more about EDM events!



This content has originally been written for LiveInStyle. encourages you to Party Responsibly!