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Youngsters are increasingly grooving to EDM or Electronic Dance  Music in nightclubs across the country, and these are the most  popular DJs who are making them dance.

The popularity of  Electronic Dance Music  has overshadowed every other genre of music in the country, save Bollywood songs. With EDM festivals such as Sunburn, Supersonic and Electric Daisy Carnival bringing down some of the biggest names on the global scene, be it Steve Aoki, David Guetta or Afrojack, India is witnessing a gigantic EDM wave that shows no signs of ebbing.  A natural consequence of this  is the  thriving club culture in the major cities across the country, which has been sustained by a  massive pool of local DJ talent that is enthralling the ever-growing electronic music-loving crowds. We provide a lowdown of the best club DJ talent in the country. Men and women whose name brings EDM fans into clubs across various cities.

DJ Reji Ravindran (Mumbai)

Mumbai-based DJ Reji Ravindran started out in 1998 and has been a prominent figure on  the city’s EDM  scene  ever since. He has been a resident DJ at some of the city’s famous nightspots such as the now defunct Zenzi Mills, Bonobo and The Den. Ravindran has also been the turntablist in nu-age metal band Scag and was also part of the country’s earliest hip-hop collective Itch. Off the console, Ravindran has implemented and designed his own syllabus at various music schools in Mumbai such as Spin DJs, DJ Nasha’s Academy, Livewires and True School of Music.

Most Popular Club DJs

DJ Uri (Mumbai)

Uri Solanki aka DJ Uri is a product of the Eighties breakdance, hip-hop and acid house movement. The Mumbai DJ has been in the industry for three decades, making him one of the most recognized faces  on the scene. Known for serving quality drum & bass, scratches and live sampling, DJ Uri is a hit among club goers across India and abroad.

Most popular club DJs

DJ Chetas (Mumbai)

Known for his Bollywood mash-ups and remixes, Chetas Shah aka DJ Chetas has garnered quite a following with party-goers. In 2016, the Mumbai DJ also made it to the DJ Mag rankings at number 33, becoming the first India to occupy that position.

Vachan Chinnappa (Bengaluru)

Vachan Chinnappa started his music career playing in a hard rock band called Z Axis. After facing a financial crunch with the band, Chinnappa explored alternative ways to keep his passion for music alive. The Bengaluru DJ started spinning records and has held court at some of the country’s best clubs. His music styles include house, funky-house, electro-house, drum & bass and dub-step.

Ivan Nilkon (Bengaluru)

DJ Ivan’s success was evident at the very early stage of his career when started gaining immense popularity in the Bengaluru club scene. His extensive knowledge of music and mixing has been the hallmark of  his sets, ensuring non-stop revelry at all times. His sets focus on diverse sounds and maintaining welcoming, energetic vibe.

Mash Mendiratta (New Delhi)

Delhi-based DJ Mash started off in 1997 and has played at some of the top clubs in New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Chennai. Credited for revolutionizing the EDM  culture in New Delhi, Mash’s favoured electronica sub-genres are techno house, progressive house and progressive trance. He is currently the resident DJ at Kitty Su in the Capital.

Rummy Sharma (New Delhi)

Being one of the most renowned techno artists in India, Rummy Sharma has been a familiar name in the club scene not only in his home town of New Delhi but also in cities such as Berlin and Bordeaux.  He was also the first Indian to have played at Germany’s prestigious Love Parade Festival in 2006. Sharma has also shared the stage with the likes of DJ Sven Vath, Dimitri, Akon and Grand Master Flash.

Suparna Cananzi (Kolkata)

Kolkata’s DJ Suparna started playing the guitar and keyboard at an early age and also began composing her own songs as a hobby.   She is one  of the best talents to come out of the  Kolkata’s DJ circuit. Her set includes sub-genres like play house, electro hose and psychedelic trance.

Tejash Adani (Kolkata)

Growing up in Kolkata Tejash Adani aka Radiant Ash was a dedicated music collector in his teens with a passion for trance tracks. He began performing at Kolkata’s Royal Calcutta Golf Club in 2003. Two years later, he moved to Mumbai and set up residency at the now defunct Lush Lounge & Grille. The DJ/producer also started his own DJ school called Excel DJ Academy in 2009 and his own radio show called Tranceholic Sessions in 2014.

Bob Omulo and Ishani Majumdar (Mumbai)

If you ask anyone in the Bandra club circuit in Mumbai when’s the best night to go out and party, they would tell you Thursdays because that’s when Bobkat and  Ishani DJ at Junkyard Cafe. They started out at the now defunct iBar before moving to their current home. Member of reggae/hip-hoppers Bombay Bassment, Bobkat has a versatile repertoire that includes electronica, dance and rap tracks. DJ Ishani brings to the table a mix of old and new school hip-hop and  RnB as well.

Article by David Britto

Photographs courtesy the artistes, Abhishek Shukla