The Nexus 5 - Review

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It's almost been a year since the launch of Google's first Nexus 4 smartphone and it has set quite the benchmark since then. Technology and gadget enthusiast are eager for a much-awaited and refreshing new successor – the Nexus 5 which is an improvement from the last year's edition in every possible way.

The new Nexus smartphone built by LG, the maker of the last year version of the smartphone. Many rumors and details of the inevitable Nexus 5 surfaced the tech blogosphere before the launch and the buzz among the smartphone enthusiasts and fans of the Android family went haywire and they have not been disappointed.
The display sports a 4.95-inch, 1080p display, with razor-sharp resolution and accurate color reproduction with the added feature of LTE, which was amiss from the last version. In terms of the look-feel and the appearance, the Nexus 5 features a black and an alternate white, soft touch rear finish. The 8-megapixel OIS rear camera with Sony sensor makes clicking pictures in the dark much more fun. It also houses a 2.3GHZ Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 2,300mAh battery. All this in variants of 16GB and 32GB.
Nexus 5 has all it takes to please even the most demanding customers out there. An extremely cool feature of wireless charging which is a convenient and easy way to juice up your devices without having to deal with wires, plus with Qi support you can pick among various offered chargers. Android's next major update which is now renamed from ‘Key Lime Pie' to Kitkat was done after Google realized "very few people actually know the taste of a key lime pie." The partnership with the famous Candy brand has also produced a run of 50 million Kit Kat bars with prominent Android branding and Nexus giveaways. Google further commented that the goal of Kitkat is to "make an amazing Android experience available for everybody." Like most upgrades, there's a lengthy list of enhancements, new features and APIs.
Performance optimization is the most important change made in KitKat. The OS and apps have been trimmed down substantially to enhance performance. It is leaner and meaner with a quicker performance. Changes in the UI primarily include a new application launcher with a transparent look at the home screen. A shortcut icon for the camera has also been placed on the lock screen.
The Nexus 5 has delivered!

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