Let Your Gadgets Enjoy The Rain

Boys and their toys are inseparable. The need to protect their tech babies could be compared to that of a maternal instinct. They develop a strong seventh sense and can almost smell trouble when their swanky new gadget is under any levels of stress. Add to that the current season of monsoon and it's like everyone is one rain drop on the cell phone or one water shock away from losing their marbles, which is why today we are going to suggest a few tips to protect the expensive most commonly owned gadgets, and let the gadgets too enjoy the monsoon season for a change:

1. Smart Phones: It's like an epidemic, but in a progressive way . Almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. Which is why you also need ways to keep it safe. While the creators are doing everything in their power to invent water resistant phones with air tight cases and strong battery outer cover, you still never know what might happen. Most water related accidents take place during monsoon, so aside from taking out the battery and letting the phone dry, here are a few ideas to save/ revive your mobile in case it ever drowns in a pool or gets drenched with you in the rain.

a) Pull the batteries out and keep the handset and the battery in a bag full of uncooked rice. Soaks up the moisture.
b) Use a Bluetooth earpiece or earphones. In that way you won't have to take your phone out of its place, be it while you're riding a bike or simply strollin out in the rain with you.
c)  Buy air tight covers/phone cases.

2. Tabs and Laptops: Second most precious gadget asset is a laptop or a tab or for some, both. The bigger the gadget gets, so does your love. You do everything in your power to keep it safe, even more than your smartphone. Yet somehow the devil of a torrential downpour manages to escape the protective walls and ruins your prized possession or slips from your hand and breaks. So here are a basic few ideas to keep these two gadgets safe:

a) From top to bottom, bubble wrap your tab/laptops. It's the best way to protect your gadgets during rainfall, infact any kind of fall.
b) Buy shock absorbers/silicon cases.The thick layered cover protects the corners of the tabs which easily gets the most affected during the fall. No matter how much you try to keep it scratch and dent free, after a rigorous usage, it will wear out.

3: Camera?s and iPods: iPods, mp3 players and DSLR's are something equally important for the ones who go out for motorcycle rides more than just often. Trouble begins when you don't have anything on you to shelter your gadget with this season. DSLR's and mp3 players don't come along with protective gears and you have to find your own way. So allow us to help you out with a few easy tricks. Waterproof jackets for the tiny musical gadgets are the best, and the only way to keep them dry and safe during monsoon. For DSLRs on the other hand, you might want to consult a good photographer for the necessary monsoon precautions. Meanwhile, what you can do is wrap up the cam body with foam tapes or plastic covers and cover the lenses with a spotless wrap sheet.

?So these are the three most common and prominent gadgets amongst us that require such levels of care. No matter how much you guys love your people, you can't deny the fact that your gadget becomes an equally important part of you. Protect it, keep it safe,? and tell us if you like our ideas. Let us know which one is your favourite and helped you out this monsoon, and shout out loud if you have any ideas of your own that helped you during the last monsoon.

Image Credit: unwiredview.com, kingfotografie.com

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