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published time By SW published time 16 Jan, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

As Mumbai chills at 25° Celsius, the White Walker made its way to give the city a taste of the real winter. The interiors of The Great Eastern Home got a glimpse of a Game Of Thrones-themed icy night. And, Mumbai saw it’s first-ever bits of a winter wonderland, in true GoT style. 

From the cocktails to the food and the ambience, the party had tons of references from the show.  Take a walk with us into the Frozen North, to see what it’s like to party with the White Walker. 

Winter Is Finally Here & We Celebrated It With The White Walker

A tall White Walker themed Johnnie Walker statue wearing the Night’s King jacket greeted everyone as they entered the venue. Surrounding him was some deep blue lights and winter décor that gave you a chilly feel of truly “Winter Is Coming” on the other side of the entrance. 

Winter Is Finally Here & We Celebrated It With The White Walker

So, we stepped in and braced ourselves to party with Johnnie Walker’s White Walker. 

Partying With The White Walker
The party saw the launch of the Johnnie Walker White Walker whisky for the first time in Mumbai. The one-of-a-kind bottle was displayed inside a block of ice. The ice block freezes the bottle to show you a hidden message that comes up only when it’s frozen. Now that makes the bottle a real collectable. You’ve got to buy the bottle to find out the secret message! 

Standing right next to the bottle was none other than the grand Ice Throne, which carried the message “Winter Is Here”. And, of course, we had to take a picture with the White Walker sitting on this high seat! 

Once we were done being stunned by the bottle and the throne, we walked towards another great installation, which was the bar itself! Made completely of ice, all the drinks were being made and served on this spectacular frozen counter. Here’s a glimpse of our very own Diageo Brand Ambassador - Andrew Young, making a drink for us. 

Drinking With The White Walker
After being wowed by the looks of the bottle, we headed to be wowed by the taste of the drink. The main spirit on the menu (no surprises) was the Johnnie Walker White Walker served every way. Right from signature serves to some specially curated cocktails for the Game of Thrones party, the cocktail menu had a delicious mix to please every kind of palate. 

But that’s not all. There were shots being served in some very interesting shot glasses made of ice. Way to up the cool quotient! 

Sláinte to the delicious drinks! 

Eating With The White Walker 
Taking the GoT experience up a notch, was the specially curated menu by Chef Manu Chandra. Chandra who told us he was an ardent fan of the show himself, prepared a mix of entrée keeping the theme of the show in mind. He told us, “I played around and tried to create dishes that would reflect the general ethos of the show, which included the forest, animals, and paraphernalia rather than making it more grotesque (which is also a recurring part of the show).”Overall, the food was a great play on flavour and presentation. 

Here are some of the delicious dishes we got to bite into, including one which was infused with the White Walker itself. 

Spit Roasted Lamb Tenderloin Skewers Infused With White Walker 

Hamlet Style Mini Chicken Legs With Wasabi Aioli

Wild Grain And Root Vegetable Morsels With Truffle Cream

But that’s not all folks. There were a bunch of other GoT-inspired dishes like the Prawn Cocktail On Dry Ice Served With Dragon Juice Dip, the Ox's Heart Dumpling With Vegetables Like Beetroot And Smoked Tofu, the Spinach And Cheese Herb Logs Af The Forbidden Forest, With Mini Mushrooms and more.  

Take it from us, who’ve tried the food and the drinks, it was all delicimo! 

Partying with the White Walker made our day more exciting. You too could have a taste of the White Walker in Mumbai now. Don’t forget to grab this special edition bottle brought to you by Johnnie Walker, when the final season of Game Of Thrones releases. Recommended to GoT fans or anybody at all, because that’s how good it is! 

*Drink Responsibly! 

Image Credits: Saylee Padwal