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A versatile spirit, also known as “kill devil” and “Nelsons blood”, it was a spirit of the sea crusaders & pirates. In the course of time, this tropical spirit evolved and ended up in the list of favorite mixed drinks of famous personalities like Fidel Castro & Earnest Hemmingway to name a few…

Made from sugarcane or its derivatives, Rum has been diversified in categories like white, dark, golden and flavored. The production of Rum first started in the late fifteen century when Christopher Columbus introduced sugarcane to the West Indies, and sugar plantation slaves discovered that sugarcane molasses could be fermented and then distilled for an enjoyable drink.

Experts say the first fermented drink made from sugarcane originated in ancient India or China, and spread to the Caribbean where distillation completed it. What’s interesting is that due to the diversification of cultures in the Caribbean, virtually every island produces its particular style of Rum; from light white rum that are excellent for mixing cocktails to characterful aged rums which are perfect for sipping.

There are different theories behind the origin of the word Rum and this is the only spirit category with different names; Rhum in French, Ron in Spanish & Rum in the English. Today Rum is created all over the world from molasses, sugarcane juice, or syrup made by reducing the free-run juice of sugarcane.

As Rum comes in wide range of colors & flavors, it’s ideal for mixing in some of the well-known cocktails like the Mojito, Pinacolada & Maitai. One of the most famous and easiest ways to make cocktail in which no expensive liqueur or major equipment is used, is a classic Daiquiri; Rum shaken with lime juice, sugar and ice. Talking about Daiquiris, these can be made with a range of flavors & one of the signature daiquiris was created for Earnest Hemmingway in 1921, wherein a bartender altered the classic recipe and christened it the Hemmingway Daiquiri.Based on what Earnest said“I drink to make other people more interesting.” I’m sure it would be hard for him to find anyone boring at the bar.

Article by: Rohan Carvalho



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