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published time By Liveinstyle published time 09 Jun, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

For many years, scotch has been one of the world’s most favourite whiskies. It’s a drink for people that enjoy the finest things in life. Kings have drunk this beverage, as have some of the world’s most recognised titans of industry. If you’ve never tasted scotch, then you haven’t lived! 

Some people are a little bit afraid of this drink. They know it’s a strong whisky, and feel intimidated by its raw power. But, there’s nothing to fear about it. Especially when you drink it right and get yourself a high-quality bottle. If you’re looking for a new go-to drink, then scotch is the one for you. 

There are many reasons to love scotch, five of which I’ve listed for you below!

It’s A Classy Drink

Reason to Love Scotch

People that drink scotch are usually the classiest in the bar. While everyone else is downing flat beers and weak ciders, you sit sipping on a glass of the finest whisky. Go up to a bartender and order a scotch, and they’ll look at you with wide eyes and a smile. Ah, finally someone that drinks a proper drink, they’ll think. Amidst all the people with their elaborate drinks, you keep things simple, classy. Anyone that looks at you will be envious. There are no two ways about it; it’s cool to drink scotch. If you have people around for drinks and pull out an expensive bottle of scotch, they’ll gaze at you in awe. It’s a drink that’s meant for people with class, people that command respect. A scotch drinker is the kind of person that will leave a large tip for the bartender. They’re always the ones holding doors open for people, and minding their manners. Scotch gives you class; people will look up to you when you drink it. 

It’s Not Too Heavy

Love Scotch is Light Drink

The problem with a lot of drinks is that they have so much stuff in them that they become heavy. After a couple of beers, your stomach gets bloated, and you have to stop. That dinner you just paid for gets wasted, all because of your poor choice of drink. Cocktails aren’t any better either! They’re sometimes full of cream and presented in huge glasses. It’s hard to drink one and still have room for anything else. But, scotch isn’t like this at all. It’s not a heavy drink, you can enjoy it and still eat your dinner too. You don’t fill up a pint glass with it, or have loads of extras stuffed in the glass too. It’s a simple drink, best served in a whisky glass with no ice. That’s a big thing for scotch drinkers; you can’t add any ice. It lowers the temperature of the whisky and ruins it. But, back to the point, you don’t have to drink a lot of it. So, it enables you to enjoy a delightful alcoholic beverage without ruining your appetite. In fact, food and scotch compliment each other very well. Some say that sipping on a glass of scotch whisky enhances the flavours in your food. 

It Lasts For Ages

Many people get put off scotch because bottles can be expensive. Well, to these people I have two things to say! One; you’re paying a lot because it’s a classy drink that’s of a high quality. Two; it will last you a super long time. Unlike beers or ciders, scotch won’t be gone in a week or two. It’s easy to steam through beer bottles because they have a low alcohol percentage. But, whisky is notoriously strong. So, you’d be a fool to try and drink so much of it at once. As such, one bottle of scotch can last you months, sometimes years. It’s something you can have sitting in your drinks cabinet to take out on special occasions. Even if you have a small glass after work each day, it’ll still last long. Plus, people are often encouraged to buy an expensive bottle and mature it. Keep it unopened for ages to enhance the flavour even more. 

It Tastes Amazing

What better reason to love scotch than the fact it just tastes amazing! It’s unlike any other drink you’ve probably tasted before. When you drink it for the first time, prepare yourself for the trademark burn. It will make your eyes water, but it’s still so good. Some people recommend you add a bit of water to the drink. You do find scotch drinkers that laugh at this, as it helps stop the burning sensation. However, it’s a proven way of bringing out the individual flavours in the drink. If you want to taste every element of scotch, then this is the best way to do it. Don’t be put off if you don’t like it at first. Like I said, first-time scotch drinkers have never tasted anything like this before. The more you drink it, the more you’ll get used to it. Eventually, you’ll fall in love and realise how amazing this drink is. There’s a lot more flavour to it than in some of the alcoholic beverages out there!

You Can Use It In A Cocktail

Now, I know that scotch is good to drink on its own, but you can also use it in a cocktail. Seasoned scotch drinkers won’t do this, but it's a great idea for beginners. Plus, if you love cocktails, then you can love scotch too! There are many great drinks that can be made by adding this brilliant whisky to them. Perhaps the most popular of which is an Old-Fashioned. It’s one of the oldest cocktails in the world, and scotch packs it full of flavour. Even if you’re not a big whisky drinker, you can still enjoy scotch by adding it to some cocktails!

If you’ve ever tasted scotch before then, I beg you to give it a go. It will open your eyes to new things, and give you a great new drink to enjoy. As you’ve just read, there are many reasons to love this drink!

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