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With a history of being used for “Medicinal Purposes” to being used in most classic cocktails than any other spirit. Gin is one of the finest aromatic spirit and an inspiration for complex cocktails.

So what exactly is a Gin?

Gin is neutral spirit (usually grain vodka) flavored with juniper berries & other botanicals (herbs, fruits & spices). Gin is an alcohol with a mixed history.

It was created over 300 years ago by a Dutch chemist in an attempt to cleanse the blood of those suffering from kidney disorders. He called it genièvre, French for “juniper,” a term that was shortened by English soldiers fighting in the Netherlands, who also nicknamed it to “Dutch courage”. Today, Gin is made around the world and the London Dry style is considered the benchmark for quality.

The flavor profile of Gin varies from dry to floral and fruity, thus making it a perfect for mix for cocktails. Some of the great recipes of all time are made with Gin, including the popular Martini and many of its variations. “The proper union of Gin and Vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest lived”. – Bernard DeVoto.

“Shaken not Stirred”, if you are a Martini fan you would understand what it means. For the ones who aren’t, it's time you start learning. Why it's “shaken not stirred”???

Well, this is how the famous James Bond placed his order for a Martini, which I suppose, has created more Martini drinkers all over the world as compared to the efforts of any establishment or bartender put together. He was also responsible for changing the recipe of the classic Martini, in which he added Vodka to the Gin & Vermouth and christened it creating “The Vesper”, a cooler & milder cocktail (thanks to the dilution & chilling during the shaking process). The experience of a traditional Martini is more dependent on it being smooth and on not ruining the delicate flavors of the Gin, which can only be achieved by “Stirring not shaking”…



Gin Martini Cocktail