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Spirits Appreciation

Experience the life you're making a living for.

  •  Love scotch
    Love scotch

    Scotch has been the world’s favourite whisky over the years. With #LoveScotch we bring the love to the next generation of consumers.

  •  Scotch

    Discover the secrets of a true gentleman's drink - the earthy process of distillation, the blends, the flavours, the aroma and of course the gorgeous yellow-gold colour of this luscious beverage.

  •  Wine

    A wine is like an adventure - its nuances such as colour, clarity, evolution, finish lend to its complexity and taste. Get to know this multilayered drink here.

  •  Vodka

    Once drunk by the Czars, a spirit that stood the test of time to become one of the most drunk spirit in the world and transcended the Classic Martin to a Vodkatini; here’s the water of Life, Vodka; the spirit that leaves you breathless…

  •  Rum

    A versatile spirit, also known as “kill devil” and “Nelsons blood”, it was a spirit of the sea crusaders & pirates. In the course of time, this tropical spirit evolved and ended up in the list of favorite mixed drinks of famous personalities like Fidel Castro & Earnest Hemmingway to name a few…

  •  Gin

    With a history of being used for “Medicinal Purposes” to being used in most classic cocktails than any other spirit. Gin: One of the finest aromatic spirit and an inspiration for complex cocktails.

17th January
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