Black & White 12 Year Old


AGE 12 years


ALCOHOL 42.80%


A whisky with body & soul: Every sip is a perfect confluence of body & soul
A warm & welcoming manner: Uncomplicated warmth and good cheer can be found in every drop, with friendly flavours of fresh fruits, honey and apple pie.
The iconic terriers: they represent the spirit of Black & White – the kinship and loyalty found amongst trusted friends


It’s easy to enjoy this rich and mellow Scotch on the rocks. And quite naturally, it tastes best when it’s shared.


Master Blender, Craig Wallace has crafted Black & White Finest, aged 12 years specifically for the Indian palate. Distilled in Scotland with sweet grain spirit and fine malt whisky sourced from Speyside and the Highlands, the blend is resplendent with fresh apples, oranges and floral aromas. Each of the whisky’s 12 years comes through in rich layers of depth and delicacy for an exquisitely smooth finish.


Black & White Finest, aged 12 years is inspired by Buchanan’s original recipes. It is a modern-day alchemy of the mystique of whiskies naturally aged in oak casks for a minimum of 12 years and the mastery of perfectly blending these aged malt & grain whiskies for that full flavour and mellow character. Every sip is a perfect confluence of body & soul.

OTHER VARIANTS Black & White Regular