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published time By SW published time 19 Oct, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

For some people, the charm of a whisky depends on its age, while for some, the price of a scotch may be important. But if you ask us, a dram can easily go well with some chakna to accompany it. Whether it is a 10 rupees chips packet or Schezwan chutney or even tandoori chicken from our favourite Mughlai restaurant, ordering chakna is top priority. Also, don’t forget those non-alcoholic friends who only come to finish chakna, order an extra plate for them!

If you happen to forget to call for chakna, be sure you won’t be forgiven. 

1. Peanuts
Salty or spicy these crunchy little things are a must-have. Popping a few in your mouth while sipping your drink makes you feel like you’re having the best time. 
Essential Chakhnas That Will Go With Your Drinks

2. Masala Papad 
Whether you like it or not, there will always be that one friend in the group who will call for masala papad. Be rest assured, this chakna will disappear in no time, because once you see it, you won’t be able to resist it.
Essential Chakhnas That Will Go With Your Drinks

3. Chicken Tikka
Snacks aside, ordering chicken tikka is essential for all you chicken lovers out there. Amazingly flavoured and mouth-watering, this dish is an absolute favourite when it comes to snacking during happy hours. 

4. Fish and Chips
In the mood for some seafood? Order a platter of fish and chips that will keep you munching for a while. 

5. Paneer Tikka
Marinated cottage cheese cubes that are arranged on skewers and grilled, lend a smoky flavour that we simply love. Make sure you ask for some onion rings to go with this dish.

6. Potato Chips
Open a pack of chips and watch it get over in no time. Choose any of the brands available and have a chatpata time over drinks with friends.

7. Chicken Fingers
Drinking without some lip-smacking chicken fingers to feast on, is incomplete. Chicken + fries = best combination ever!

8. Bhujia
No matter what part of the country you come from – bhujia is an all-time favourite. When it comes to snacks with drinks, bhujia is definitely on the list.

9. Potato Cheese Balls
These gooey, cheesy balls taste amazing especially, when they are served hot. If you can’t make up your mind over what to order, just go for these corny balls and we bet you’ll simply love it.

10. Pizza
Need we say anything at all? Everyone loves pizza. Pizza is bae. It’s probably the one dish everyone will be happy to order instead of debating on what to eat. Have a slice with some beers or even over a quarter of McDowell’s No. 1. 

Which chakna is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!