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Sunday brunches at home are incomplete without a glass of your favourite refreshing cocktail. So, whip up a big batch of easy-to-make cocktails that will be an instant hit amongst your friends, instead of sticking to a glass of wine! 
You don’t need to hire a bartender because we did the work for you! Yes. We got our very own expert Khushnaz Raghina, Reserve Brand Ambassador- Diageo to get your Sunday brunch started.
Are you ready to get mixing? 
1. Blue Butterfly
The only kind of Sunday Blues you’d like to shake a leg to! 
A burst of exceptionally fresh & vibrant flavours of Ciroc Vodka with subtle hints of Elderflower, Blues and some Whites.
Ingredients -
60 ml Ciroc Vodka
20 ml Elderflower syrup
10 ml Blue Curacao
20 ml Lime juice
1 Egg white
Method -
Add the 60 ml Ciroc vodka, 20 ml Elderflower syrup, 10 ml Blue Curacao, 20 ml Lime juice and 1 Egg white and shake it well.
Garnish the cocktail with edible flowers and a spray of orange peel oils. 
Strain into a coupe glass without ice. 
Easy Cocktails To Make On A Lazy Sunday
2. Tanqueray & Sharbat
Rightly translated to as the “Refresher of the Soul,” this drink adds a refreshing & local touch to your Tanqueray and Tonic with Roohafza sharbat, citrus and fresh basil.
Ingredients -
60 ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin
30 ml Roohafza syrup
15 ml Lime juice
Top up with Tonic water
Edible flowers for garnish
Method -
Build in your Collins glass 60ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 30ml Roohafza syrup, 15ml lime juice and stir well.
Fill glass with ice and top up with tonic water.
Garnish with the flowers.

3. Scotch & Doodle
Reminiscent to snail-mail Sunday afternoons and pen pal doodles, the Scotch & Doodle is a classic concoction! 
A refreshing contemporary twist to your Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky Sour with citrus and an aromatic bitter doodle.
Ingredients -
60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
20 ml Orange & Rosemary Oleo Saccharum
20 ml Lime Juice
1 Egg White
Method -
To make the Oleo Saccharum:
The Oleo Saccharum can be used in various mocktails & cocktails as a substitute to sugar, with a citrus touch to it (if you are a fan of the Old Fashioned Cocktail substitute the sugar cube with 10 ml of the Oleo Saccharum). It is also a perfect way to elongate the life of a fruit that might get tossed into a bin if not consumed immediately.
Take the 300 gms sugar in a bowl, peel 2 oranges without pith and squeeze oils in the sugar bowl. 
Leave peels in the sugar overnight and add 10 rosemary sprigs.  
Cling wrap, next day squeeze the 2 oranges into the sugar and sous vide in a zip lock.
To make the drink:
Add into your shaker/mason jar/ jam jar 60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, 20 ml homemade orange and rosemary oleo saccharum, 20 ml lime juice and 1 egg white. 
Shake well and strain into an old-fashioned glass with fresh ice cubes.
Garnish it with a doodle of Angostura bitters and Rosemary.
4. Vagabond
A tall and refreshing mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Vanilla, Bitter Citrus and Green Apple. 
Ingredients -
60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
5 ml Vanilla Syrup
3 dash of Orange Bitters
6-7 Green Apple Slices
Top up Ginger ale
Method –
In a Collins glass, add 60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, 5 ml vanilla syrup, 3 dash of orange bitters, and top it up with ginger ale. 
Stir well and garnish it with 6-7 green apple slices. 
Take out your glassware, raid your drink cabinet and throw the fanciest Sunday brunch ever!