06 - Dec

DELHI Social Spotlight on Tarik (Album Launch) & The Jass B*Stards @ Hauz Khaz Social

9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village New Delhi PIN Code 110016
09:00 pm - 01:00 am   

Tarik is an audiovisual act from Shillong whose musical content is an eccentric blend of punk and radical themes with a Khasi twist. While their riffs are catchy, their lyrics are far from sugar coated. Strongly rooted in a DIY philosophy, the members of Tarik are proud of their uncompromisingly honest approach to music because it best captures the spirit of the space they come from. About The Jass B*Stards The band would like to make it known to all that: 1: they do not play jazz 2: they are not bastards 2: they are proud of not having attended Berklee School of Music 3: they play for neither Emperor Minge nor The Ska Vengers, even if it looks like they do 4: they stubbornly refuse to write a biography on their facebook info page lest it be lifted wholesale to form the basis of an article and/or listings write ups by grammatically challenged and cliche spouting junior hacks. The final word in beat circles, known to hipsters who know as the "heppest of hep".


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