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published time By Liveinstyle published time 03 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Referred to as ‘A Gentleman’s drink’, whisky is inarguably one of the most sought-after spirit. Whisky is known for its versatile nature and is hence one of the most widely used spirits in Cocktails. If you want know how hipster whisky based cocktails are, Liveinstyle brings you these 7 classics:

1. Whisky Sour

Don’t be baffled by the name. This cocktail is not as bland as the name suggests. Brimming with picturesque lemon rind yellow, these are made with whisky(of course), lemon juice(sour, of course) and sugar. An interesting addition to this cocktail would be egg whites, creating a whole new drink called the ‘Boston Sour’.

2. Mint Julep

Whiskey Mojitos’ would be the word you’re looking for. Bustling with jolly good mint flavors, Mint Juleps are drinks portioned by whiskey, mint, water and crushed ice. Simple and charming, like its homeland Kentucky.


3. Manhattan


Served in stemmed cocktail glasses, these drinks are served straight up or unmixed and without ice. Cherry red, these are a blend of whisky, sweet vermouth and tingling bitters, making one long for more.


4. Sazerac

Having its roots in New Orleans, Sazerac has travelled every nook and corner to this day and is infamous for its over the top simplicity. Sazeracs are made with whisky, bitters and sugar. It's often ritualistic to wash old fashioned type of glasswares with other spirits before pouring the cocktail mix.


5. Old Fashioned

These cocktails are served in old fashioned glasswares, obviously! Like the Sazerac, Old fashioned cocktails are simple to make but taste of subtle complex flavors. These are storms brewed of whiskey bitters( religiously Angostura), sugar and water. And as they say, old is gold.


6. Godfather


Just like the virtual Godfather, the Godfather too is a mafia- of all cocktails. Old fashioned glasses, Scotch Whisky amaretto and quick stirs pretty much sum up the making of these cocktails. Best served on the rocks, this double trouble drink is a delight to the eyes too.


7. John Collins

Similar to its Gin-based relative ‘Tom Collins’, the centuries old cocktail is basic in preparation and consists of whisky, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water, topped with lush maraschino cherries and sour lemon wedges and served in typical Collins glassware. So much elegance packed in a joyride of a cocktail, indeed.

Now that you know your ABCs of cracking the whisky code, unleash the party animal in you! Liveinstyle encourages everyone to party responsibly!


Image Credits: Tuxedo, Barblog, Talesoffroth