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Aside from stoking some warmth in native Russians for centuries now, vodka is a favoured base spirit for cocktail makers owing its fairly pliable properties; it meekly mingles with other flavours and retains them while infusing strong alcoholic essence.

Glass Slipper Cocktail

Glass Slipper Cocktail Drink

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Glass Slipper Cocktail is also called Cinderella’s Glass Slipper and is popular as a Disney inspired cocktail. This drink is made by blending Gin and Blue Curacao. The original Disney inspired version was made by blending Blueberry Vodka, Whipped Cream Vodka and Cream. These ingredients gave this concoction a creamy blue hue.

Several variants of this delicious cocktail are available at many modern bars around the world. Blue Curacao is widely used to add a bluish hue and slightly tart flavour to this lip smacking drink. Some bartenders add a few dashes of Orange Bitters or Angostura Bitters to make this drink slightly bitter. Glass Slipper is served shaken in a Martini Glass. You can rim the glass with powdered sugar to give a sweet aftertaste. 

Glass Slipper Cocktail Ingredients

    • 30 ml Gin
    • 10ml Blue Curacao
    • Ice
    • Lime wedge

Steps to make a Glass Slipper Cocktail

    • This cocktail is served shaken in a Martini Glass.
    • Fill a Cocktail Shaker with lots of ice and pour 30 ml Gin and 10 ml Blue Curacao over it.
    • Shake the ingredients vigorously, until the mixture gets a bluish hue.
    • Strain and pour the ingredients into a Stemmed Glass or a Martini Glass.
    • Rim the glass with powdered sugar and use a lime wedge to garnish.
    • A thin lemon peel and a few drops of Orange Bitters can also be added to the mix.

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