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Aside from stoking some warmth in native Russians for centuries now, vodka is a favoured base spirit for cocktail makers owing its fairly pliable properties; it meekly mingles with other flavours and retains them while infusing strong alcoholic essence.

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Drink Recipe

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The summer seems to be upon us. Now is the time when cocktails have to work in full swing to keep us cool. They not only have to give us a feeling of being on vacation, but also taste great. Blue Lagoon Cocktail is a refreshing Vodka based cocktail. This blue coloured drink evocative of a gentle summer sea, leaves behind a sweet and tangy taste, with every sip you take. The inception of this cocktail like many others out there is quite dicey. Some say a part of it was created by Andy MakElhon-the son of the first cocktail bar owner in Europe, while some give credit to the famous painter Paul Gauguin. 

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Ingredients

    • 50 ml White Mischief Vodka
    • 200 ml Blue Curacao
    • 100 ml Lemonade
    • 1 orange slice
    • Ice cubes

Steps to make a Blue Lagoon Cocktail

    • In a cocktail shaker, combine all the ingredients in the defined quantity along with some ice cubes.
    • Give it a nice shake and serve it in a Highball Glass or a Martini Glass.
    • Garnish the brim with an orange slice.

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