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Aside from stoking some warmth in native Russians for centuries now, vodka is a favoured base spirit for cocktail makers owing its fairly pliable properties; it meekly mingles with other flavours and retains them while infusing strong alcoholic essence.

American Style Cocktail

American Style Vodka Cocktail

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American Style is one of the classic Highballs made by blending Vodka, cola and Orange Juice. Different variants of this mix are available at many classic and modern bars and restaurants around the world. Cola is added to the mix to make it fizzy. The Cola also adds a brownish red hue to this cocktail.

Many bartenders top up this concoction with Raspberry Cordial to add a sweet and fruity flavour to it. Some Bartenders even use flavoured Vodka to induce a fruity twist to the mix. This delicious cocktail is served in a Highball or Collins Glass. Cracked ice or ice cubes are used to keepit chilled for a longer time. You can easily make this drink at home and serve it at dinner.

American Style Cocktail Ingredients

    • 45ml Vodka
    • 150ml Cola
    • 150ml Orange juice
    • 30ml Raspberry Cordial

Steps to make a American Style Cocktail

    • This cocktail is served built-up in a Tall Glass or Highball Glass.
    • Take a chilled Highball Glass and pour 3 to 4 ice cubes and 150ml Cola into it.
    • Gently add Orange Juice and Vodka to the mix and stir the ingredients lightly.
    • Avoid giving a vigorous stir as the coke will bubble and spill over.
    • Pour Raspberry Cordial over the stirred mix and garnish it with a lime wedge.

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