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Aside from stoking some warmth in native Russians for centuries now, vodka is a favoured base spirit for cocktail makers owing its fairly pliable properties; it meekly mingles with other flavours and retains them while infusing strong alcoholic essence.


Afterglow Vodka Cocktail

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Afterglow is a fruity cocktail, which leaves a sweet after-taste while preserving the tangy base note. Several variants of this refreshing mix are available around the world. Many bartenders prefer to serve it as a fruit punch by skipping the Vodka.

The most popular replacement for Vodka is Apricot Brandy, which gives a sweet flavour to the mix. The tropical variants are also known to use Coconut Liqueur as the secondary spirit. Ideal for beach parties and tropical vacations, you will find Afterglow donning the menus of several beach resorts and pool bars around the world. This magnificent mix of Vodka, TripleSec, Grape fruit juice and Cranberry juice will surely delight your taste buds and cheer you up.

Afterglow Cocktail Ingredients

    • 30 ml vodka
    • 15 ml Triple Sec
    • Splash of Grape fruit juice
    • Cranberry juice

Steps to make a Afterglow Cocktail

    • This is a built up drink made directly in a Tall Glass.
    • Fill the Tall Glass with ice cubes till the brim and add 45ml Vodka to it.
    • Gently pour 15ml Triple Sec and a splash of Grapefruit juice into the mix.
    • Dilute the drink further by filling the glass with Cranberry Juice.
    • Drop a stirrer and a straw and garnish the mix with an orange wedge.
    • For a more concentrated version, you can use Highball Glass instead of Tall Glass.
    • You can also use pineapple slices as a garnish. 

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