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published time By Saylee published time 26 Sep, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

There are times when we love whipping up cocktails in our own sweet home just like our favourite bartenders do!

And for a person who appreciates alcohol, a properly stocked home bar is a must!

Apart from being a great social space and a brilliant atmosphere to relax in, a home bar is also a sign of elegance.

A well-mixed drink can help you impress your friends, score brownie points from your boss or just unwind after a long, tiring day.

Want to create an amazing home bar but, don’t know where to start?

Invest in basic equipment, stock up on the must-have spirits, and you’ll have a set-up that’ll leave your friends awestruck.

So, if you want to be crowned the best mixologist of your group, we’ve got you covered from the best tools to the perfect pours!

1) The Bar Cart

This portable bar cabinet from Woodsworth is a literal party on wheels! Made from the finest quality of Sheesham wood, it suits any space while giving it a modern look. It offers three levels, including one for your glassware, and holds more liquor than you might suspect!

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Set Up The Perfect Home Bar With These Must-Haves

2) The Tools

In addition to the right spirits, invest in some solid bar tools to whip up amazing cocktails. You don’t have to spend a bomb on barware; a few key pieces should do the trick!

  • A jigger, which is an hourglass-shaped apparatus used to measure alcohol in pegs.
  • A shaker that ideally allows you to mix more than one cocktail at a time.
  • A bar spoon to stir your drinks with.
  • A strainer to put on top of the shaker while pouring drinks.
  • An ice cube scooper.
  • A handy bottle opener.

What’s the best trick to make the perfect drink? Read Brand Ambassador at Diageo India, Hemant Mundkur’s cool tips here 

We recommend this set from Urban Snackers for anyone who wants to start a home bar or add variety to an existing one.

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Set Up The Perfect Home Bar With These Must-Haves

3) The Glassware

You can invest in glassware as per your budget, depending upon quality and variety. Certain cocktails use specific kinds of glassware, so consider sticking to the basics if you’re not feeling adventurous.

This set of tumblers from Circleware is a trendy choice for the hipster in you.

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4) The Spirits

Five bottles your liquor cabinet can't do without! These will serve as the foundation for most of your drinks.

  • Vodka: Our go-to is Smirnoff which mixes nicely with anything.
  • Whisky: Ah, the good old whisky. A stellar addition to your bar would be the trusty Johnnie Walker!
  • Rum: Since it’s the key ingredient in most mojitos and daiquiris, invest in both light and dark versions of rum. Captain Morgan is a well-known party favourite!
  • Gin: You can’t make the popular martini without gin. Also, a necessity for the easy to mix gin and tonic, a bottle of Tanqueray would be your best bet.
  • Others: If you have friends who always love to experiment, feel free to stock up on liqueurs like Baileys.

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5) The Teetollater’s Bar

Make sure the teetotallers don’t feel left out! Get some good mixers and garnishes in for them. Feel free to experiment with tonics, mixers and fresh fruits to create delicious concoctions. Soda, soft drinks, ginger ale, tonic water and lemons are must-haves for the perfect home bar.

Feeling inspired yet? Build your swoon-worthy home bar today and start tippling!