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A fine scotch has always been a byword for opulence and sumptuous lifestyle. Scotch, albeit the fact that it is a hard drink to mix, preserves its signature smoky, bittersweet taste in the mix. Here are a few scotch cocktails that reminisce the original characteristic scotch flavours quite tastefully.

Flying Scotsman Cocktail

Flying Scotsman Scotch and Whisky Cocktail

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Flying Scotsman is a traditional Whisky Cocktail made by blending Whisky, Sweet Vermouth and Bitters. This cocktail was inspired by the historic Flying Scotsman Train, which ran between London and Edinburgh during the late 1800s.

This cocktail was originally made using Single Malt Whisky. However, variants include Scotch or Bourbon as the base spirit. Italian Vermouth and Angostura Bitters are used to make this delicious concoction.

This drink is perfect to serve on a hot day, when you are looking for something strong and refreshing. Sweet Vermouth and Angostura Bitters make this drink sweet and bitter. This cocktail is closely related to the traditional Scottish Cocktail ‘Rob Roy’ and is served at many classic bars around the world.

Flying Scotsman Cocktail Ingredients

    • 30ml Single Malt Whisky
    • 30ml Sweet Vermouth
    • 1 dash Bitters
    • 1/4 tsp sugar syrup

Steps to make a Flying Scotsman Cocktail

    • This cocktail is served shaken in a Martini Glass.
    • Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with lots of cracked ice.
    • Pour the mentioned quantities of Whisky and Sweet Vermouth in the shaker and add a few drops to Bitters to it.
    • Shake the ingredients well, until the drink gets a brownish hue.
    • Strain and pour the mix into a Martini Glass.
    • Cracked ice is used to chill the drink faster.

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Cocktail recipes and articles are intended only for audience above the Legal Drinking Age as specified by their state & country of residence. Enjoy Responsibly.

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