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published time By SW published time 09 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
Open-air parties and summer go hand-in-hand. But the age-old question we always find ourselves struggling with is, ‘what to serve the guests?' 
While we all love a chilled Tanqueray as much as anyone, we thought it would be even more interesting to mix up something and make it more refreshing.
Here’s presenting our top 5 coconut water cocktails that are guaranteed to delight your inner mixologist. 
Around the World Gin & Juice
This is the sort of drink you would want to take along with you on a deserted island, we kid you not. 
45ml Tanqueray No. Ten Gin
60ml Coconut Water
60ml Fresh Pineapple Juice
1 or 2 Pineapple Slice(s) or Lime Slice(s)
Take a glass and pour Tanqueray No. Ten, coconut water and pineapple juice in it over ice. Stir well. Garnish it with fresh lime slice or pineapple. Relish the cocktail and beat the summer heat in style.  
#MixYourOwn Refreshing Coconut Water Cocktails
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Tanqueray Gin Breeze 
This sparkling cocktail can be a life saviour when you want to keep things minimal without compromising on the taste of your drink.   
50ml Tanqueray No. Ten Gin
100ml Coconut Water
20ml Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
20ml Honey
Lime Slices, for garnish
Take a cocktail shaker and put all the ingredients into it. Add one lid of ice and shake thoroughly until the honey has mixed in completely. Now simply strain it into a cocktail glass, garnish and you are good to go. 
#MixYourOwn Refreshing Coconut Water Cocktails
Gin and Coconut Water
Staying hydrated in the scorching heat doesn’t get any easier than this. 
4 tbsp Tanqueray Gin 
½ cup Coconut Water
1 ½ tsp Fresh Lime Juice
2 to 4 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Lemon, for garnish
Grab a rock glass and fill it half with ice. Now pour the Tanqueray No. Ten into the glass. Add coconut water and lime juice. Stir until chilled. Add one dash at a time of Angostura bitters, until the colour of your cocktail turns rosy. Garnish and enjoy!
The Mix
Sparkling Strawberry Gin Cocktail
If no-fuss cocktails are your thing, putting together this super-easy drink would feel like a cakewalk. 
30ml Tanqueray No. Ten Gin
90ml Coconut Water
90ml Soda Water
1 tsp Sugar
2 Sprigs Fresh Mint
6 to 8 Fresh Strawberries
Muddle strawberries, mint and sugar in a cocktail shaker. Add Tanqueray No. Ten, coconut water and ice. Now, shake vigorously. Strain the contents over ice and top it off with soda water. Cheers!
Coconut Cucumber Cocktail
With its high coolness quotient, this is the best drink to serve at your summer cocktail parties to impress your guests. 
45ml Tanqueray No. Ten
45ml Coconut Water
30ml Soda Water
1 Bar Spoon Honey 
4 to 5 Slices Cucumber, Chopped
Combine Tanqueray No. Ten, coconut water, honey and chopped cucumber into a cocktail shaker. Shake it thoroughly. Now, pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice. Then, pour soda water to fill the remainder of the glass. Finish by garnishing the drink with cucumber. Now that’s one hell of a healthy drink that you should be happy about. 
Try these super cool recipes while it’s still hot and heated and let us know how you liked them.
Drink Responsibly!