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published time By Liveinstyle published time 18 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Spring is here and everywhere there’s a burst of colour. It’s a season that calls for a festival of colours. And what better way to celebrate than by raising to toast to distinctly coloured cocktails.

Pink passion: What’s an Indian festival of colour without a profusion of pink, right? Super pink cocktails can be shaken up with vodka and fresh pomegranate juice to make a sip that tastes as good as it looks.

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Crimson code: Nothing screams celebrations like deep, rich crimson. Shake some whisky with berry jam – an inspired combination – and you have jewel tones in a glass. Play with the red theme and colour a vodka cocktail with beetroot water for a bright touch from the bar.

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Yellow hues: Fancy a golden-hued drink to raise festive spirits? Look no further than the rich colour and fragrance of saffron. This is luxury in a glass and looks alluring, too.

Green and gorgeous: Spring is in the air, signalling freshness. A green cocktail is the perfect drink for the season, blending the cool crispness of cucumber with the aromatic complexity and colour of fresh basil.

Black and brown: Want earthy colours to be your cocktail code? Shake up a delightful espresso martini that reflects the deep tones of the night or a brown sip, which balances fine whisky and tea to soothe the palate and send festive spirits soaring.

Red and luscious: Play around with some egg whites, lemon juice and freshly squeezed tangerine to get your blood pumping, add a dash of beetroot to get that dazzling colour and top it off with a rose petal. Now this is a treat to sip on during the festive season of colours.


Clockwork Orange: Try something psychedelic with a dash of orange and some lemon juice, shake it up and add a dash of mint to get the colours in your head mixing.


Floral less: What’s the summer without some Elderflowers and a refreshing cocktail inspired by the colours of the festive season? Top it off with some Vodka, balance it out with some lemon juice and add some beauty it with an Orchid. 

Red, Yellow, Green: Let’s dazzle the festive season of colours with a colourful and delicious drink. Just what the palate needs is a few bell peppers, Vodka and a dash of sugar syrup.


Back in Black: We often dismiss black in the family of colours, with the right shades of other colours you can do wonders with black. Here’s a drink that brings out the philosophical meaning of black in a wonderful cocktail. 

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