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published time By Ujjwala published time 03 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

All of us know how intricate the art of mixology is. There are so many things that go into it and it might seem tough at first. But thankfully, we have bar tools which help us ace the game. From shakers to mixing glasses, there are all kinds of equipment.

But, when we talk about these tools, the Japanese play an important role. They have taken into account the “ifs” and the “buts” and have come up with some really interesting bar tools.

Here are some amazing Japanese bar tools which will help you level up your mixing game.

1. Koriko Shaker Tin Set

It is all fun and games shaking the drinks at first but after a while, your hands will start to ache. What will you do then? You can’t let your drink be off-balance just because of that. Well, in such a situation, get yourself a Koriko Shaker tin set. With the feature of holding two drinks at once, this shaker will keep the balance without troubling you much. Sounds like a dream, no?

2.Yamachu 3-Prong Ice Pick

Have you wondered how do people make those beautiful carvings out of ice? Forget that, are these even people or magicians who do that? Well, the answer is Yamachu 3-Prong Ice Pick. With the help of these picks, you can ace it.
Brb, carving a Christmas tree out of it.
Level Up Your Mixing Game With These Amazing Japanese Bar Tools

3. Yarai Mixing Glass

Add this glass to your collection to complete your set of Japanese bar tools. The flat base of the stirring glass helps you get more stability while mixing your drink and it will happen. Don’t believe us? Get one yourself and try it out.


4. Yukiwa Cobbler Shaker

The oh-so-elegant looking tool based on Japanese science helps you out with drinks that require rigorous shakes. And, because of its style, it will make you stand out like a star.

5. Wadasuke Fork

A Wadasuke fork comes with a fork and a masher. Just the perfect combination you were looking for. When you have to stir your drink then you can use the elegant looking fork and when you want to muddle, you can rely on this petite yet sturdy masher. You can just add the masher at the other end of the fork, and you are good to go.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get all these tools and make sure to complete your Japanese bar tool set.