How to Make Best Cocktail Recipes with Vodka at Home in Minutes

Do you want to know how to make cocktail recipes with Vodka? From knowing what kind of juice goes well with vodka to figuring out the easiest way you can make a James Bond style Martini – these 10 cocktail recipes with Vodka are all you need for a relaxed weekend.

For all Vodka enthusiasts, here is a list of top 10 irresistibly delicious and easy vodka cocktails you must not miss! These are all official International Bartenders Association (IBA) Official Cocktail Recipes AND easy to make at home! The next time you pick that bottle of Vodka up, make sure you try one of these and bring the bartender in you out!


Black Russian: Because Vodka & Russians

Cocktail Recipes with Vodka - How to Make Black Russian at Home

If it’s a cocktail recipe with Vodka, chances are that it will be linked to Russia in some way or the other! If you though turning your coffee Irish was the best thing that happened to your Coffee, think again! Turn your drink into a coffeelicious fiesta with this simple cocktail recipe:

  • 50 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka : Smirnoff)
  • 20 ml Coffee Liqueur

Preparation: Pour the Vodka and the Coffee Liqueur on the rocks in an Old-Fashioned Glass. Stir gently to blend both drinks together.

Professional Serving Tips: This is the perfect drink for you to have after dinner over a nice and mellow conversation!


Moscow Mule: The Drink That Started It All

Don’t be fooled by its name! Moscow Mule has nothing to with Russia! Born in the USA, the Moscow Mule is very easy to make and tastes like Russia in your mouth! Here’s what you’ll need to make this popular vodka mixer:

  • 45 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka : Smirnoff)
  • 5 ml Lemon Juice (half a lemon)
  • 120 ml Ginger Beer

Preparation: Pour vodka and lemon juice over ice in a highball glass. Pour Ginger beer to add volume to the drink. Stir gently and serve.

Professional Serving Tips: Moscow Mule is always served in a copper mug. Make sure that the cup is lined with other non-reactive metal such as stainless steel on the inside.


Long Island Tea: Remember the Beach

The name reminds you of a lazy and relaxed day on a Long Island beach, doesn't it? Well, this particular blend of liquors will leave you just as relaxed as a day on any of those beaches! While it doesn't taste anything like iced tea, it takes the same amount of finesse to mix everything up:

  • 15 ml Tequila
  • 15 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 15 ml White Rum
  • 15 ml Orange Flavoured Liqueur
  • 15 ml Gin (Preferred : Tanqueray)
  • 25 ml Lemon Juice
  • 30 ml Gomme Syrup (2:1 Sugar & Water Mixture with Acacia Gum)
  • 1 Dash of Cola

Preparation: Mix all the liquors together over ice in a highball glass. Add lemon juice to enliven your drink and a dash of Cola with a slice of lemon to add the finishing touches.

Professional Serving Tips: You can serve this tea in a highball glass with lemon spiral garnishing and a straw to get things started!


Cosmopolitan: Ladies, This One’s for You!

The namesake of a very famous magazine, this vodka-based cocktail has just the right amount of sass and class. Favoured by ladies across the world for its fun and fruity taste, here’s what you’ll need to fix yourself a Cosmo this weekend:

  • 40 ml Lemon Flavoured Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Ciroc)
  • 15 ml Orange Flavoured Liqueur
  • 15 ml Lemon Juice
  • 30 ml Cranberry Juice

Preparation: Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and mix all ingredients. Shake well and Voila, your Cosmo is breathing!

Professional Serving Tips: Strain your drink in a cocktail glass and serve straight up with a wheel of lemon to garnish!


Bloody Mary: Spooky but Flavoursome

The namesake of a very famous magazine, this vodka-based cocktail has just the right amount of sass and class. Favoured by ladies across the world for its fun and fruity taste, here’s what you’ll need to fix yourself a Cosmo this weekend:

  • 45 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 90 ml Tomato Juice
  • 15 ml Lemon Juice
  • 2 or 3 Dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • Tabasco
  • Celery Salt
  • Pepper

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a highball glass on the rocks and keep stirring gently as they mix.

Professional Serving Tips: Garnish with celery salt and pepper on the rim of your glass and add a celery stalk or a lemon wedge to perfect the Bloody Mary.


Sex on The Beach: Have Some Fun This Weekend!

One of the original shooter cocktails, Sex on The Beach is just as much fun as it sounds! With a predominantly orange flavour, this drink is definitely going to leave you wanting for more. Sex on The Beach takes the cake away for being one of the easiest cocktail recipes with Vodka:

  • 40 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 20 ml Peach Schnapps
  • 40 ml Orange Juice
  • 40 ml Cranberry Juice

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a highball glass over ice and drink up! Sex on The Beach, ready to go!

Professional Serving Tips: Garnish with an orange slice to amp the fun up.


Screwdriver: Easiest Drink to Make Ever!

The winner of our Simple Vodka Cocktails Competition, Screwdriver is definitely the easiest vodka-based cocktail to make! With two primary ingredients, there is no way on earth that you can ever go wrong in making this fun drink:

  • 50 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 100 ml Orange Juice

Preparation: Pour all ingredients into a highball glass with ice filled, and there you go! Your Screwdriver is ready!

Professional Serving Tips: The standard garnish for a Screwdriver is an Orange Slice, but you experiment all you want!


Godmother: A Vodka Cocktail You Cannot Refuse!

We’re going to present you with a vodka cocktail you just cannot refuse! Deriving its name from the iconic books and movies, The Godmother is suave and classy. A little milder than its male counterpart – The Godfather, this cocktail is out of everyone’s league:

  • 35 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 35 ml Amaretto

Preparation: Pour the Vodka and the Amaretto on the rocks in an Old-Fashioned Glass. Stir gently to let your drink breathe!

Professional Serving Tips: A perfect Him and Her drink, you and your partner can both enjoy a quiet evening with you - The Godmother and him - The Godfather!


Vesper: When Bond Tries to Concentrate

Speaking of movies, how can we ever leave one of the most iconic and trendsetting movies of all time! Fans of the James Bond series will know exactly what we’re talking about here! The famous character invented this one, and we are glad that it comes in large portions! Here’s how you can make the same drink at home!

  • 60 ml Gin (Preferred Gin: Tanqueray)
  • 15 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 7.5 ml Kina Lillet Wine or an Aromatised Wine

Preparation: Just like Bond likes it, shake the ingredients well over ice, strain it all in a deep goblet and garnish with a thin slice of lemon peel!

Professional Serving Tips: Perfect for a Bond-Style appetizer, have this rich blend of wine, gin and vodka straight up and concentrate like James Bond!

We know we said we’ll talk about IBA Official Cocktail Recipes, but we just couldn't resist ourselves from keeping this one out of the list. After the previous item on our list, it is impossible to leave out the next one. It’s not an official IBA Cocktail Recipe, but it’s definitely the classiest Vodka Cocktail Recipe there is!


Vodka Martini: Shaken, Not Stirred

We all know the directions that James Bond gives to the bartender when he craves this drink full of spy suave!

  • 60 ml Vodka (Preferred Vodka: Smirnoff)
  • 10 ml Dry Vermouth

Preparation: Bond has a thing for drinks shaken – not stirred! Pour all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice in it. Shake well until your drink is cold and strained the chilled martini cocktail glass. Squeeze lemon peel oil into the glass and enjoy your Bond classic!

Professional Serving Tips: Garnish with olives into a cocktail glass for the best experience!

Whether it is a low key get together party or a party which has all your party animals in one place – these cocktail recipes with Vodka are going to leave you with memories you won’t forget! This versatile drink, brought into Pop culture by the Russians, can help you de-stress on a quiet evening and help you turn into a party animal – given the right concoction! encourages you to celebrate responsibly with all these cocktails and have the time of your lives! Cheers!

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