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Gin could be one of the lesser favoured liquors in a local bar, but the little-known fact remains that gin makes for a swell cocktail. Gin adds its unmistakeable light yet luminous appeal to many popular cocktails. Following are a few simple, breezy and fizzy cocktail concoctions with Gin as the base spirit.

Teardrop Cocktail

Tear drop Gin Cocktail Recipe

Prep Time

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Teardrop Cocktail is a fruity concoction made by blending a variety of fruit juices and Gin. Several variants of this mix are known to use different colourless liqueurs as the base spirit. It is a traditional cocktail, served chilled in a Stemmed Glass or Highball glass.

Peach or Apricot Nectar, Single Cream and Strawberry Syrup make Teardrop taste like a fruit smoothie.In some variants, Peach Schnapps or Raspberry Liqueur is used, instead of Peach Nectar to make this concoction fruity and delicious. Some bartenders also add fresh pieces of strawberries to make this drink look exotic. This cocktail is a bit frothy and crushed ice makes it appear granular. To make this drink a bit fizzy, Cola or club soda can be added. This amazing mix is ideal for beach parties and will refresh your mind with its fruity flavours. 

Teardrop Cocktail Ingredients

    • 60ml Gin
    • 60ml Apricot or Peach nectar
    • 30ml Single Cream
    • Crushed ice
    • 20ml Strawberry Syrup

Steps to make a Teardrop Cocktail

    • This cocktail is served blended in a Highball Glass.
    • Fill a blender with 60ml Gin, 60ml Peach Nectar and 30ml Single Cream.
    • Blend the ingredients for 10 to 20 seconds, until the mix becomes thick and frothy.
    • Fill a Highball Glass with crushed ice and pour the ingredients from the blender into it.
    • Stir the mix and top it with a splash of Strawberry Syrup.
    • Garnish the drink with mint leaves and strawberry pieces.
    • You can also rim the glass with powdered sugar, before you pour the blended ingredients into it.

Cocktail recipes and articles are intended only for audience above the Legal Drinking Age as specified by their state & country of residence. Enjoy Responsibly.

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