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Gin could be one of the lesser favoured liquors in a local bar, but the little-known fact remains that gin makes for a swell cocktail. Gin adds its unmistakeable light yet luminous appeal to many popular cocktails. Following are a few simple, breezy and fizzy cocktail concoctions with Gin as the base spirit.

Gin Martini Cocktail

Classic Gin Martini Cocktail

Prep Time

Total Time

There are Martinis and then there is The Martini, which every bar tender in the world learnt on the first day on the job. Classic Martini is made by blending Gin and Dry Vermouth. It is served in a typical Martini Glass and an Olive or a Lemon Twist is added as a garnish. Over the years, this concoction has become one of the most popular cocktails of all time. Two prime variants of this mix are served at millions of bars around the world. You can either use Vodka or Gin to make this drink, but the original recipe uses Gin only. To add a slightly sour after-taste to the mix, Pimento-stuffed green Olives are used to garnish. You can also add a lemon peel as a garnish. This cocktail is never served with ice and is the first choice of a number of people looking for a relaxing night out.

Gin Martini Cocktail Ingredients

    • A dash of Vermouth
    • 60 ml Gin
    • Cocktail olive, to decorate

Steps to make a Gin Martini Cocktail

    • This straight-up cocktail is served shaken in a chilled Martini Glass.
    • Fill a Cocktail Shaker with 3 to 4 ice cubes and pour the mentioned quantities of Vodka and Vermouth into it.
    • Shake the ingredients thoroughly, until the drink becomes frosted.
    • Strain and pour the mix into a chilled Martini Glass.
    • Garnish the mix with two olives or a lemon peel.

Cocktail recipes and articles are intended only for audience above the Legal Drinking Age as specified by their state & country of residence. Enjoy Responsibly.


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