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published time By SW published time 16 Jan, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
It ain't no Margarita without the salted rim of the glass. However, there’s more to it than just presentation. The purpose of the salt is to screen out the bitterness of the alcohol in the drink. At the same time, it also heightens the taste of the lime juice, giving you the piquant flavour that makes a Margarita so special. 
The crunchy coarse sea salt on the rim of a Margarita glass is a given but it need not be the same plain salt. Like the different flavours of a Margarita, you can use a variety of flavoured salts to give your drink a tastier twist.
Here are a few DIY salts for the adventurous mixologist to try.
Lime Salt
The lime salt is as close as it gets to a classic with a wee bit of an acidic kick. 
4tbsp sea salt
1tbsp lime zest
Mix the lime zest and sea salt in a bowl. 
Spread the mix in a paper towel and allow it to dry overnight as you stir occasionally.
Store in an airtight jar and use it during margarita o’clock!
Flavoured Salts To Give Your Margaritas A Tastier Twist
Rosemary Lime Salt
This citrus-y, herbal salt will not only pair well with your margarita but with other cocktails like the Bloody Mary and Daiquiri too.
4tbsp sea salt
1tbsp lime zest
A few sprigs of fresh rosemary
Add all the ingredients in a small food processor and grind till they blend but retain the flaky texture.
Cover the mix with a paper towel and let it dry at room temperature for a day. 
Stir occasionally to keep it loose and flaky and then store when completely dried. 
Flavoured Salts To Give Your Margaritas A Tastier Twist
Hot Sauce Salt
This fiery salt is perfect when you're craving a spicy twist to your salted rim cocktail.
4tbsp sea salt
1tbsp hot sauce of your choice
Mix the salt and hot sauce together in a bowl.
Place the mix loosely in a paper towel and let it dry. 
Stir occasionally and store when dried.
Fruity Salt
The tartness of frozen and dried fruits makes for a contrasting flavour to your drink. 
1/4cup frozen and dried raspberries or blueberries
1tbsp sugar
1/4tsp sea salt 
Add all the ingredients to a mortar and grind with a pestle until they mix uniformly.   
Dry the flaky mix and store in an airtight container.  
Use these flavoured salts to rim your margarita glass or any other cocktail too, either way they make for an interesting pairing. 
*Drink Responsibly!