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published time By Olivia published time 13 Feb, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
There’s always that colleague who orders a Cosmopolitan without batting an eyelash and that girl who’s married to her Margarita. 
Just like our friends IRL, even fictional characters have a signature cocktail they would always choose to sip on. 
Bottom line is, whether your favourite character is a pirate or the lead on the latest sitcom, there’s a cocktail for everyone. 
We got talking with our in-house expert – Zachary Abbott – Brand Ambassador, Diageo and started concocting some cocktails our all-time favourite characters would drink. 
So, grab the ice, get your glass and clink them with these characters. 
1. The Captains Punch - Captain Jack Sparrow 
Pirate themed party? What better way than to fill your pirate mug with a captain’s punch?  Let Captain Morgan be your Barbosa in this tropical rendition of a classical punch.  The style of Captain Jack Sparrow is represented in the flavours of pineapple, orange and basil which heightens with the sharpness of fresh citrus in this tall tiki-styled pirate potion.  
Why are pirates, pirates?  They just Arrrrrr…
50ml Captain Morgan rum
45ml Pineapple juice
45ml Orange juice
15ml fresh lime juice
Strawberries, basil leaves for garnish
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake and dump into any sea-worthy vessel. Garnish with strawberries and basil leaves.

Cocktails Based On Your All-Time Favourite Characters
Image Credits: Hungry forever 
2. Walter White’s Russian - Walter White
While Heisenberg gave us a 101 lesson on chemistry, none of us thought that maybe he needs a drink after a fresh batch of his stash. That’s when we decided to concoct a cocktail befitting his character. 
Just like his character, this cocktail like its namesake starts smooth and suburban until its darker side is revealed and teases your palate like it does the storyline.
You ask us why we chose this cocktail? Well, the cinnamon upon touching the naked flame will fire and burst into flames just like the conclusion of Heisenberg’s career.
We’re sure Walter White would totally approve of this cocktail!
50ml Ketel one vodka 
50ml Chilled espresso
50ml Cream
5ml Aromatic bitters 
Nutmeg and cinnamon
Add all ingredients besides cinnamon and nutmeg and espresso into a shaker and shake hard.  
Into a chilled glass, add your espresso and fill it with ice before straining the shaken part of the cocktail on top. 
Then garnish with cinnamon and nutmeg over a flame onto the finished drink.
Cocktails Based On Your All-Time Favourite Characters
3. Dons’ Old Fashioned - Don Draper
When he’s not swigging a straight whisky in his office, it’s Don’s go-to cocktail. 
Don Draper from the incredibly popular Mad Man series, uses not only his charm but also cocktails to get by. 
His drink of choice? The old fashioned. No doubts there. 
Had he been here, he’d nod approvingly and say, “Could you keep it down, I’m trying to drink.”
60ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
15ml aromatic bitters
1 sugar cube 
A splash of soda water 
Orange peel
In a glass, add sugar cube and bitters, and muddle, then add ice.  In a separate glass, add ice and pour in whisky and a splash of soda. Stir rigorously and strain into the first glass. 
Garnish with an orange peel and enjoy like a madman. 
4. The Spector Martini - Harvey Spector
Just like James Bond, Harvey is always dashing in a suit and he loves indulging in a modern martini. Just like Harvey, this drink is sharp and powerful. Bond had the Vesper, Harvey now has Spector! 
50ml Tanqueray 10
10ml Ketel one 
10ml Blanco vermouth
2 drops of bitter orange liqueur 
Add all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with orange zest.
5. Carrie’s Cosmopolitan - Carrie Bradshaw 
It was in 1998 that Carrie Bradshaw first ordered her cosmopolitan and we are still in love with it. 
A successful columnist, with a gang of confident ‘gal pals’ and a complicated love life of a New Yorker, Carrie and her girls managed to resurrect the modern classic - ‘the Cosmopolitan.’ 
45ml Ketel One 
15ml Triple sec
15ml cranberry juice
15ml fresh lime juice
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. Double strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with blueberry. 
6. Elementary Collins - Sherlock Holmes
The Elementary Collins integrates the rendition of the classical cocktail – ‘the Tom Collins.’ Made with the luxury Gin, Tanqueray 10, this slight twist on a timeless tipple will tantalize the palate and sooth the soul.
As Sherlock would say, “It’s elementary my dear Watson!”
50ml Tanqueray 10
20ml fresh lime juice
20ml Honey water
5ml Aromatic bitters
30ml Chilled earl grey tea
1 piece lemon
Top with soda
Cherries for garnish
Add all ingredients into a glass with ice and top with soda. Serve chilled.