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published time By Vanessa published time 10 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
Sure, you could always rely on the age-old “so, what do you do for fun?” conversation starter on your first date. But, do you know how many times your date has been asked this very same question. Take a hint, it’s been way too many times and all roads lead to a dead end, or worse, an awkward silence. 
Most people form their opinion about each other in the first few minutes and if you want to make the most of that time, it’s crucial you find the right icebreakers. 
If you, like most millennials, pick a bar for your first date, how about shooting out some alcohol facts as conversation starters. So, whether you sip on a cocktail or a Champagne, you have a fun fact to go along with it and get the chemistry rolling. 
1. Raising a toast actually involved a real toast 
Alcohol Facts That Make For The Perfect Icebreakers On Your First Date
2. Margarita are America’s real sweethearts 
Alcohol Facts That Make For The Perfect Icebreakers On Your First Date
3. How about a toe to go with your drink? 
4. American Mule? 
5. There’s a reason why you got to watch out when a Champagne is popped
6. What lengths would you go to mix your drink? 
7. All Champagne is Sparking Wine but not all Sparkling Wine is Champagne
8. Whisky is actually a clear and colourless alcohol
9. When in Texas…
Use these facts to sound charmingly smart on your next date, thank us later!
*Drink Responsibly!