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published time By SW published time 19 Sep, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

A stone’s throw away from the Royal Opera House, lies Canto Café and Bar in all its glory.

A bright space housed in a heritage building, it’s a fantastic neighbourhood restaurant that serves a lucrative menu. It charms you with its art-deco inspired elements and prepares you for a memorable experience.

 Its tall, arched windows and plush velvet chairs make it a comfortable place to sit. But the cocktail list is what you’re really here for! The menu is extensive and boasts of drinks inspired by techniques from the world over. A go-to watering hole if you work in and around the area, the cocktails are smart, experimental and affable.

Here are a few of our recommendations that you can sip on when you plan a visit to Canto!

1) Bicicletta Ride

The cheery yellow-hued Bicicletta Ride surely takes your taste buds on a flavourful ride. Its vodka base mixed with passion fruit puree, grapefruit, organic honey and ginger makes the drink incessantly sippable. A sweet, summery drink, it’ll help you ease into a relaxing weekend – instantly.

6 Cocktails At Canto That’ll Liven Up Your Weekend

2) A Capella

The vodka-based A Capella will leave you singing to its tunes with its velvety notes. Vodka, orange marmalade, carrot and celery juice are a few of our favourite things! And when they go hand in hand with some aromatic bitters, magic happens! Oh, did we mention its awesome stencil effect on egg foam? An instant hit, this one!

6 Cocktails At Canto That’ll Liven Up Your Weekend

3) AK 47

This smart drink is as lethal as it sounds! Served in a peculiar rifle-shaped glass, it’s not for the faint hearted. It features vodka and tequila combined well with watermelon and pineapple, finished with a touch of galangal. Big on flavours and on drama, it’s the best addition to any of your weekend plans.

4) Melodies

What we like about this colourful concoction is the way the gin blends perfectly with the other ingredients. The honeydew melon highlights the freshness of the cucumbers and lime juice, finished off with sweet chilli air. It’s playful, breezy and reflects the magical aroma of rose and melon. A classic Canto creation indeed.

5) Smoky Tango

A cocktail that would never go out of style, the Smoky Tango has a whisky base. Simple but tasty, it’s laced with vanilla, chocolate bitters and salt water. While the smoke adds to the drama, it also enhances the drink’s sweet and vibrant flavours. It’s refreshingly quaffable which makes it a consistent favourite among Canto’s patrons.  

6) Massa di Ghiaccio

We know, we know, this isn’t a cocktail! But, the bartender might just spike yours up with a splash of Smirnoff on request. A quirky take on the childhood gola candy, it’s basically kala khatta spiked with aam panna, black salt and lime. Topped with cranberry, it’s a refreshing change from the regular, mundane drinks we usually opt for.

So, go ahead and grab a seat today!

Credits: Zomato, @thefood_junkie