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published time By Vanessa published time 09 Jan, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

There are two prerequisites to planning the right bachelor party cocktails. Firstly, your drinks need to be as fun and wild(ly delicious) as your squad. And secondly, they should be easy to prep, so that you can have a great night too.

To give you this perfect mix of quick to make yet tasty cocktails, we spoke to Zachary Abbott, the expert and Brand Ambassador for Reserve & Luxury at Diageo India. 

Tea For Ten
It’s going to be a long night so you don’t want to burn out too early! This cocktail is full of antioxidants that’ll help you and your gang have a great night. 
1lt lychee juice
2lt apple juice
150ml fresh lime juice
1lt chilled green tea
1 bottle Ketel One vodka
1 good bunch of fresh basil
Pour all ingredients into a large pitcher over ice. 
The lesser vodka you add, the longer your night will be.
5 Wildly Delicious Cocktails For Your Bachelor Party
Dutch Mojito
Nothing like a refreshing mojito to revive the gang and keep them hydrated.  
1 bottle Ketel One vodka
200ml fresh lime juice
200ml sugar syrup
1 large fresh bunch of mint 
Top Soda water
Just add equal parts sugar and lime, then add your desired amount of vodka, a few mint leaves and enjoy.  
5 Wildly Delicious Cocktails For Your Bachelor Party

Johnnie Ginger
Add the king of all bachelor party cocktails to your menu!  It’s super simple and enjoyable.  
45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky *per person
Ginger ale
10ml fresh lime juice *per person
Make it in a pitcher as to reduce messing around when you can be having fun. 
Add a healthy amount of ginger ale to Johnnie Walker Black Label, along with a touch of lime and enjoy.

Gin And Tonic
Bachelor party cocktail should be easy to prepare and fun to drink.
This makes the gin and tonic a great refreshment for your big day.
45ml Tanqueray gin *per person 
Tonic water
Fresh lime
Star anise
Orange slice
Apple slice
Add all ingredients over ice and feel free to throw more botanicals in there for fun.  

The Boys Are Back In Town
Whisky and bachelor parties go together like pizza and beer.  This classic punch is based on an old Philadelphia cocktail known as the fish house punch.  The strong flavours of whisky are met by the subtlety of the peach and iced tea with a mint and citrus finish.
1 bottle Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky
3lt strong chilled Darjeeling and Assam tea
1 tin of peaches with syrup 
200ml fresh lime juice
1 small bunch of mint 
100ml honey water (1:1 ratio honey and hot water)
Pour all the ingredients in to a large punch bowel filled full with ice and enjoy.

Add these cocktails to your bachelor party menu to throw one helluva party! 

*Drink Responsibly!