These 10 Classic Cocktails WIll Take You On A Nostalgia Trip!

Cocktails are one of the most creative and colourful drinks. They can be created with anything lying around in your kitchen. Nowadays there are various cocktails but none can replace the good old fashioned ones that were created over a century ago. LiveinStyle brings you these classic cocktails that have stood the test of time and survived, there are many who tried to change and mix them up but we still keep coming back to the classics.



Just as the name goes ‘Old Fashioned’ was created in 1881 and was among the first cocktails to be invented. A bartender in Kentucky made the drink at the Pendennis club in Louisville. It is made with Johnnie Walker Scotch, bitters, club soda, muddled sugar and ice . The drink was prepared to honor Colonel James E. Pepper.



The martini is usually the first drink that comes to people’s minds when they think of a cocktail. Over the years there have been various types of martinis created like the Dirty Martini, Vodka Martini, but the original martini is a simple mixture of gin and dry vermouth. It often comes with an olive or a lemon twist garnish.



Just like how a martini isn’t a martini without gin, a Manhattan has to have whisky in it. Traditionally, it was rye whiskey, but over the years other whisky found it’s way into many manhattans . But now rye is back and many of them are rediscovering the original Manahttan.  A cherry is a mandatory garnish for this drink.



Again just like the martini, margaritas now come in various flavours and colours. Nowadays there are complicated versions of this drink but the original recipe was quite simple i.e tequila,triple sec and lime juice.



The Sazerac is a local New Orleans variation of a cognac or whiskey cocktail, named for the Sazerac brandy that served as its original main ingredient not to mention good Whisky too!



It is the best example of the original cocktail . This cocktail doesn’t need much explanation as the name says it all. To make this all you need brandy, sugar, water and bitters.



This drink dates back to the ‘Golden age’ of cocktails. It consists of gin, lime, lemon juice, simple syrup, milk, egg white, orange flower water, club soda. We have to shake it really well to ensure that the egg is mixed well. To check, we must put a straw and if it stands up properly in your drink then you have shaken it well.



This is one of the best known whisky cocktails. The drink requires muddling of mint and simple syrup. After shaking it well, add a dash of Black Dog Scotch. This drink is quite refreshing and one of the easiest drinks to make.



These cocktails were created by very creative barmen to help bring back tired workmen back to life after a hard day at work. Many drinks were created back in the day.  While most of the recipes have been long forgotten but the Corpse no.2 has survived and is now one of the most popular drinks. This drink includes a mix of aromatized wine with lime juice and orange liqueur. This drink if made correctly is an actual thing of beauty.



Back in the day sour drinks were quite popular as they are a perfect balance between sweet and sour. One of the best sour drinks is Between the Sheets.The recipe is quite simple.You have to pour equal amounts of brandy, rum and triple sec, add a little lemon juice and shake it up.

And these are the classics that have existed for quite a long time serving humankind with their great taste. If we have missed out your personal favorite, please let us know in the comment section below. 

LiveInStyle encourages everyone to enjoy responsibly. 


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