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published time By Liveinstyle published time 03 Feb, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Like cocktails, relationships are also mixed potions, not of alcohol but of emotions. Sometimes everything is hunky-dory but sometimes it is bittersweet. But what makes a good cocktail is the precis­ion and care you infuse into it to get a perfect balance much like a relationship.

Your Relationship Type:Whether shaken or stirred you guys are undeterred. Even a twist of lemon can’t hinder the commitment you have for each other. Undoubtedly, this is the strongest type of relationship to be in. You are compatible, have the same wavelength and accept each other for who you are. Your relationship will stand the test of time and with age get better just like (vermouth) wine.

Your relationship is like the Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini

Your Relationship Type: You’re in a love-hate relationship when you tend to have a lot of spice and at the same time there is an equal amount of drama. You are madly in love and yet, at times can’t see each other face to face. Bloody Mary has been called " world's most complex cocktail" but with a dash of tomato juice it still is healthy, just like your relationship.

Your relationship is like the Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Your Relationship Type: If everything is pink and rosy then the cocktail that best describes your relationship is a Cosmopolitan. You guys are totally into each other but at the same time you both give each other space. You are not clingy and don’t feel the need to spend 24 hours of a day with each other. You both have our own separate lives but when you’re together you still know how to keep it fresh.

Your relationship is like the Cosmopolitan

Your Relationship Type: Just like the cocktail, your relationship is long distanced and spread across many islands. The love in you is strong, but if you’re not careful enough, your relationship can become a merry mix of everything much like the LIIT. The lack of physical proximity can lead to suspicions and insecurities, but if the trust is strong then relationship can be long lasting.

Your relationship is like the Long Island Iced Tea

?Your Relationship Type: If your relationship is all about having fun and will not amount to anything fruitful even though the cocktail is, then Sex on the Beach best sums up the relationship you’re in. For you, it’s all about being physical and there is no emotional connection. You are sexually infatuated by your partner and have no hang-ups.

Your relationship is like the Sex On The Beach

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