Unwind and Relax with these 5 Delicious Drambuie Cocktails

Do you want to spend some alone time this weekend? Planning to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? There are several ways and means to relax your mind and escape from the humdrum of day-to-day life but if you are planning to stay indoors and sip a smooth drink, then take a look at these fine Drambuie Cocktails.

Rusty Nail

Made popular in Difford’s Guide to Top 100 Cocktails, Rusty Nail is a perfect drink to sip on a sluggish weekend. This amazing cocktail is made by blending Scotch and Drambuie. Drambuie is known to alleviate the hot and pungent flavour of the Scotch with its honey and herbal overtones. Easy to make and serve, it will surely help you to unwind and relax with its herbal and smoky flavours.

Aberdeen Angus

Looking forward to rejuvenating your mind and body this weekend? Then you should definitely try the warm and delectable Aberdeen Angus.Black Dog Scotch, Honey, Lime Juice and Drambuie are blended together to make this lip-smacking concoction. This drink is served alighted in a coffee mug, without any ice.So go on and give ita try this weekend andit is sure to refresh your senses.

Drambuie Old Fashioned

Simple, easy-to-make, and great to taste, this classic drink has impressed millions of cocktail enthusiasts around the world. This drink will help you to savour the flavour of the top-notch scotch liqueur that is Drambuie. Garnish with orange slices, add a few drops of Angostura Bitters and lure your taste buds with its sweet and herbal flavours.

Scotch Godfather

If the classic movies of sixties amaze you, then you should really try this soothing cocktail. Made with equal measures of Scotch and Amaretto, the Scotch Godfather will tease your taste buds with its almond sweet and herbal flavours. This exclusive cocktail is cherished by many people around the world for its sophisticated flavour.

Long Gone

What could be more appetizing and soothing than a nightcap like Long Gone? This delicious concoction is made by blending Drambuie, Bourbon, Orange Juice and Orange Bitters. Its sweet, sour and herbal undertones will surely sooth your tastebuds, after a delicious meal.

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