Top 5 Aptly Named Cocktails

For as long as we can remember, man has been coming up with different combinations of mixes, in which alcohol can be consumed and relished. Several of these experiments resulted in delicious cocktails which look and taste amazing. By mixing two or more drinks together bartenders have created wonderful concoctions which are cherished by people from across the globe.

Today, mixology has become an art and there are thousands of cocktails in every colour and flavour imaginable. This being said, there is only a hand full of drinks that have managed to live up to their names. These so-called aptly named cocktails are not only zesty but they have also been given creative names, which add to the character and charms of the drinks. So go on and take a look at these five famous aptly named cocktails.

White Russian

One of the oldest Cocktails on the menu, the White Russian gets its name due to its high content of Vodka. Equal measures White Mischief Vodka, Kahula and milk cream are blended together to make this creamy mix. This cocktail truly represents the bitter sting of the Russian Winter mixed with the beauty of its serene landscapes.

Blue Aegean Angel

This mix is a fine blend of Blue Curacao, Vodka and Orange Juice, and has a serene blue-green hue. It has been aptly named after the strikingly similar tint of the calm Aegean Sea. Enjoy this cocktail on a summer evening, as you imagine a Mediterranean cruise sailing over the tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea.

American Flag

Blue, white and red, that’s how this layered cocktail looks when poured into a glass. It typically resembles the American flag and is to be served in a shot glass. Equal measures of Grenadine, Crème de Cacao and Blue Curacao are used to make this appealing drink.


This cocktail has a rebellious name thanks to its high alcohol content. Invented in 1930, this drink calls for large measures of white rum and brandy, coupled with fresh fruit juices. It can give a strong kick and make the drinker feel like a ‘zombie’. This built-up fruity concoction will appeal to your eyes and help you to forget reality.

Bloody Mary

This is without a doubt one of the most complicated cocktails of all, due to its long list of ingredients. The history of this cocktail is slightly hazy, but bartenders believe it to be named after Queen Mary I of England. Its blood red colour and slightly pungent taste does speak loudly of its uncommon name.

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