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After a warm and spicy dinner, we are usually consumed with an urge to have some sweet and delicious dessert.  Traditionally, these post-meal delicacies are served to assuage our taste buds after a satisfying meal.

From the savouring cream cakes to flavoursome ice-creams, there are a variety of toothsome desserts. However, if you are looking ahead toquirk up thispost-mealexperience, then make sure you try some of these tongue-rolling dessert cocktails. Thick, creamy, sweet, and indulging, these cocktails will surely lure your taste buds with its unique flavours.

Blue Carnation Recipe

The Blue Carnation is notably different from the other cocktails that are based on desserts drinks, in that it offers a strong contrast in the flavours, i.e.,chocolate and orange. The added cream makes it even better, making its top layer thicker and foamier. This drink has smidge of gin as a flavour too. Overall,aside from its sweet flavours, the Blue Carnation has a beautiful pale blue colour, which becomes perfect for several mass occasions.

Dessert Fizz

This brilliant dessert cocktail was created by Mr. Jonathan Pogash, who is popularly considered as the ‘Cocktail Guru’. This concoctioncomprises all those sweet elements that you want froma great dessert cocktailsansany‘heaviness’. It features the Chocolate Vodka as its primary ingredient—something that is favoured anyone with a sweet tooth. In addition,chocolate, strawberries, and mint are the main flavours lending a sense of‘variety’ to this fizzy drink.

Yellow fairy

The fairly sweet and seductive cocktail has been given the perfect label of the ‘Yellow Fairy’, something that iswill transport you to a more ‘uplifting’ world whenever you feel deadbeat. This is one of the greatly preferred cocktails,which is essentially a confluence of tartness of gin and the ultra-sweetness of lemoncello,along with a hint of absinthe. If all are mixed in the perfect proportions, the mixture ends up with a fine balance. Make sure you add the absinthe judiciously, as it can stronglycolourthe taste of the entire drink.

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