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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Mar, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

From Bond to Draper, Robin to Daisy, here’s presenting a list of your favourite on-screen characters and their favourite poison. Find out what gets them going and try them yourself.

James Bond 

James Bond

He has the accent, the women, the gadgets and a license to kill. The world’s sexiest spy is an acquired taste himself. His poison is “shaken but not stirred”, the famous Vodka Martini aka Vesper. If not his stunts, you could possibly try his macho “Vesper” concoction at home and make your partner go weak in the knees. Bond-themed party anyone? Click here to do it the Bond way.

Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother) 

Robin Scherbatsky

Whoever said Scotch was a man’s drink can go take a hike! Here’s an independent woman who loves dogs, guns, Vancouver Canucks and her space. All of the above coupled with a glass of Scotch! A journalist by profession, she's the ultimate fantasy of many men. Ladies, here's an interesting alternative to a spa session. Check out this list of fancy Scotch Cocktails. Go ahead, surprise your friends when you step out for drinks tonight. Cheers!

Tony Stark (Iron Man) 

He’s a billionaire, engineer, philanthropist superhero and most importantly a Scotch drinker. He loves his drink and beating his nemesis to pulp in equal measure. When it comes to having a glass of refined Scotch, place and time does not matter for this self-built superhero. Although, it's not easy to match up to Tony Stark’s wit, but it is easy to unwind, the way he does with a generous peg of Scotch. Lo and behold, check out the list...

Jack Torrance (The Shining): The most popular character Stephen King ever wrote was a Red Rum lover. Yes, Jack was a psychopath but we’d like to ignore that piece of information and concentrate solely on his weakness for rum. Nobody can enjoy quite like this axe wielding rum lover. His favourite hobby? Scaring, slaughtering and relaxing with a glass of Red Rum. He may be Stephen King's most well-written psychopath ever, but he has a taste when it comes to calling for the right kind of drink. If you think, a glass of the good ol' rum is the only thing that does the trick for you, just like him, then here's our list of rum cocktails for you. Sip & enjoy!

Don Draper (Mad Men) 

A good idea is worth a million bucks. And who better than ace ad man Don Draper to understand this? He’s the Creative Director at Sterling-Cooper-Price, who has a beautiful mind, full of inspiring ideas. His irresistible charm makes the women weak in the knees. And Mr. Draper’s signature drink is a glass of Old Fashioned. If you too are experiencing a creative block, maybe go the Old Fashioned way, just like Mr. Draper.

Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby) 

F. Scott Fitzgerald's most effervescent golden girl wants to have it all. Juggling between Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, and her love for Mint Julep proves how she loves to mix things up without sweating it out. She may not be the most clean slated characters of our times, but the woman surely knows how to let her hair down. Wondering what makes Mint Julep so interesting? Click here to figure it out for yourself.

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